October 30, 2017

Being a landlord means operating a business. Whether you own one property or 100 properties, your rentals need to be handled professionally. Just as with any modern business, landlording requires a positive online presence.

If you are new to navigating the waters of marketing online, handling social media, and other important components of your online presence, check out these must-know tips for managing your online presence.

1: Take Control Of Your Online Presence

One of the best things you can do as a landlord is to take control of your online presence. This becomes particularly true if you operate a large number of rentals. Set up your own social media pages for your landlording business. Regardless of whether or not you take control of your online presence, you will have one. It is best to be proactive and manage the conversation about your properties online. Using social media to your advantage, you can create a positive association with your landlording business. Practical Steps:

  • Set up a Facebook page
  • Upload property photos
  • Utilize your page to post positive messages. For example, if you recently helped a tenant by handling a maintenance request in a timely manner, post about it.
  • Create a quality response for complaints. People often utilize social media to vent about problems. Don’t let this scare you away from using these platforms. Come up with a well formulated answer for complaints. For Example: “I’d love to help you resolve this. If you could Direct Message me with your information, I’ll be in contact with you shortly.”

2: Make Sure You Put A Professional Foot Forward

Whether it is creating a social media profile or marketing your property on popular listing sites, make sure you are putting forward a professional foot. A property listing or webpage that looks outdated will detract from your property’s appeal. Use a platform, such as ours at TurboTenant, that creates a unique property listing page for each rental. This will allow you to present your property in an extremely clean and professional way. For example, when you use TurboTenant, you receive a unique property listing page that looks like this:

3: Keep Your Listings Up To Date

Part of maintaining a clean and professional online presence is keeping your listing up to date. If you haven’t marketed your property in a while and you are getting ready to start listing again, be sure you read over the information for accuracy. Update important items like the cost of rent, the deposit amount, and any upgrades to the property.

You should also add new photos of the property, including a high-quality photo of each room in the house. Your online presence as a landlord is extremely important for the success of your company. Utilize these tips to ensure you are managing your presence well.

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