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Nowadays, it's easier than ever to find an apartment. Rental listing apps and online resources mean that renters can find your listing faster than ever before.

However, it also makes listing a space for rent easier, leading to tons of listings for people to sort through to find yours. Getting your property noticed takes a bit of effort, but it doesn't necessarily have to be hard work. When you're looking to list your rental property, use these tips to make your space stand out among other listings.

  1. Light your space: The right lighting can make even the smallest of spaces look larger, making them more appealing to renters. Keep the windows clear to let in as much light as possible, and turn on all the lights before you take your pictures. Lighter walls can also make a space look brighter, and therefore larger.

  2. Post the right pictures: Many renters nowadays will look online for their apartments, and the pictures they find online will be the first impression they'll get of your rental space. Choose your pictures carefully to present your space in the best light possible in order to draw renters to your apartments.

  3. Remember your neighborhood: Not all rental environments are created equal, so keeping the neighborhood in mind when creating your listing is essential. For example, consider how long your renters will want to stay in your property. 33% of renters move each year, so if there's a chance someone will want to move sooner, consider a shorter lease term if possible.

  4. Charge the right rent: If your listing price is too high, people will be driven away by the cost. Instead, they'll choose more affordable apartments nearby. Use a rent estimator tool to calculate rent prices appropriate for your properties before you put your listing online. If you forget to calculate rent prices before listing, you could also potentially be not charging enough, meaning you're losing money on your property.

Getting your rental property noticed among all the other listings available online can be a challenge, but these tips can help. For more rental tips, neighborhood data, and more, contact Rentometer today.

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