July 13, 2017

perfect rental listings

Updated February 23, 2021

Writing a perfect rental listing that actually converts a prospect into a client is not a walk in the park. Here’s why we think so.

  • First, there is competition with other rental properties. It is estimated that you are competing with well over 100 other rental properties at any given time. Their owners are keen on winning clients just like you.
  • Secondly, there is competition for tenants. Prospective tenants comprise people who have different tastes and preferences. Thus, you are competing for their attention; and need to convince them that your rental property is best placed to suit their needs.
  • Thirdly, the timing. There are peak and off-peak seasons in the property market, and thus, you will hedge your success on these two time periods.
  • Lastly, is your choice of listing. In contemporary times, landlords and managers place listings online. An online listing can be a stepping stone or a setback in equal measure, depending on how appealing your listing is. It is much easier for a prospective client to move on to the next listing. An average prospect might only spend 3 seconds on a listing before deciding to move on to the next one.

Well, what does the above imply? It typically implies that one has to work against the four factors to make a rental sale for success. The premise here is to understand that prospective clients are in the present time making their decisions quickly, and thus, you ought to win them with the same speed.

This article will consider 4 secrets of writing perfect rental listings that are sure to convert prospects into clients.

Before you embark on anything, you should start by doing thorough market research. Modern-day dynamics are changing the competition out there. Know what your competitors are doing, saying, and featuring. You’ll also need to get in touch with your customers. Get to know what they want and why they want it in terms of property. Of course, you did this before you bought the property but remember change is a constant in life; the needs, tastes, and preferences of people can change. Doing the market research will enable you to get sufficient insight to guide you in any action that you will take in listing your ads.

1. Know who you’re targeting with the listing

You’re not just targeting anyone with your rental listing. There is a specific clientele that you should be targeting at any given time. Most people fail to get prospects and clients because they write listings that are just targeting anyone. On the ground, every type of property has an ideal tenant. The task now is identifying that ideal tenant. It might be a student, a single working-class person, or a nuclear family. Knowing who you’re targeting with your rental listing will enable you to create a listing that will relate to them. Also, it enables it to appeal to them and factor in their needs and preferences, hence increasing the chances of creating positive leads and actual clients.

2. Take and upload epic photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is so true in its entirety. But we might also want to give a slight variation to this and say, ‘A good picture is worth a thousand more clients.’ Adding a good picture to your rental listing might just be what it takes to win the heart of a prospect. It gives you an edge over all other listings that don’t have pictures.

The following are some tips on how to enhance your listing with pictures:

  • Use a wide-angle lens. It helps you to capture the full width of a room. If you don’t have one, any decent digital camera or smartphone can do. Utilize the HDR mode of your camera.
  • Take photos from multiple viewpoints. The best points are usually the corners, where you get to view one corner from another. Also, make sure that your camera is placed in a horizontal position. It should be slightly lower than your chest height.
  • Avoid flash as often as you can. Instead, make use of natural light. You can ensure maximum light by opening all the curtains. If you’re not getting a clear picture, then turn on all the lights in the room.

Take a photo of all the main rooms. These include:

  • The bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Space
  • Kitchen

Have at least one picture of each of these rooms. Even so, the more pictures that you have, the better. If the rental property has some unique features, for example, a beach view, outdoor space, furnishings, or a skyline view, don’t you dare leave them out!!

A fair word of advice though, take these pictures when the property is vacant. Taking photos while a tenant occupies the property may not bring out a good photograph. This is because tenants may have lots of items which clutter over the place. The type of picture you post will attract a tenant that relates to it. If your photo shows a cluttered and dirty property, you will attract a tenant who is the same if at all you get a client. On the other hand, if you post property that’s well arranged, organized, and clean, you will attract a similar tenant.

3. Create captivating headlines for your perfect rental listings

Any person that sees your rental listing meets your headline first. The headline is what will capture the attention of your prospects. What you write in the headline will set the pitch for your listing. Thus, it pays to make your headline captivating. Your headline should show your prospects what they are looking for with a twist of creativity and persuasion. In the mind of the prospect, the reaction to your headline should be: “Alas! I have found what I was looking for; let me click on this listing to get more details!!”

A typical tenant looks for the following when viewing listings of rental property:

  • A certain number of bedrooms
  • A certain number of bathrooms
  • Price range
  • Location

With the above knowledge, we can devise the following formula for your headlines:

The price of property/number of bedrooms/number of bathrooms/type of property (condo, house, apartment, duplex)/location of property/Special features.

For example, $3,000-3 Bedroom, 3 bathroom, Beach house in Compton, California with frontal views of the beach.

This headline can surely captivate a prospective tenant looking for a beach house in the said location.

4. Let your prospects know what they’re getting

After a prospect has seen your headline and has clicked your listing, the ball is now in your court. You need to let them know what they stand to get and benefit from if they rent your property. The details that should be in your perfect rental listings should include:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Appliances
  • Details about parking
  • Information about utilities and their costs. These should include: water and electricity
  • Location of the rental property
  • Information about pets
  • Any additional costs on top of the rent
  • Security and other welfare services

It would help if you described the above in the clearest terms possible. Use a proofreading guide for business if need be to check on the readability of this description. It’s also recommended to list your contact information if one has further inquiries or might want to view the property physically.


Well, we know that renting a property is not all about perfect rental listings. It does not add any value if you’re not getting actual clients. Hence, you need to apply your creativity to get real value through an actual sale. The above 4 secrets to perfect rental listings are the best places to help you convert prospects into actual clients of your rental properties. Apply any or all of them to your rental listings today and see for yourself the benefits.

About the Author: Lori Wade is a freelance content writer for Thriving Writer interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level, as we all do. 

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