July 26, 2017

Staging your real estate for new tenants can be overwhelming regardless of your experience. There are a lot of issues to address during the process, and you’ll need a good action plan. In the text below you’ll find some valuable and helpful tips which may ease up the whole staging operation.

Look at Property from a Buyer’s Perspective

There are some home owners that can become too emotionally attached to their property. Because of that, they’ll blow their budget for renovation and wouldn’t be able to get that money back. On the other hand, there are people who aren’t attached at all and they’ll miss the chance to invest just a little bit and earn a lot later. Try to avoid both of these points of view. Try to put yourself in buyer’s shoes. That way you’ll make the property better and save some money as well.

Work on the Exterior

Before you start with staging the inside, you should take some time for tidying the front and backyard. The first thing your potential buyer will see is neatly trimmed bushes, weeded lawns and mulched beds. All of this will just draw him to the front door. Make sure to put some fresh paint or you can even invest in a new door, especially if the old one is there for years. This is a low expense which will result in a great first impression. Take some time to refresh mailbox and house numbers as well.

Think About the Colors

Always follow the rule: If the walls have the same color for at least 2 years, they’re ready for new paint. Make sure to avoid dark and heavy colors. You should choose neutral color palette instead. All combinations and shades of tans, taupes and grays will do the trick. Another valuable tip is to keep the ceilings white. This way you’ll keep the walls looking tall.

Don’t Economize on Lighting

A dark house can be very repellant and spooky. In order to stage your property successfully you don’t want to skip this step. Go ahead and make as much light as you can. You should concentrate on all dark hallways, basements, and bathrooms. Make sure to install a minimum of a 2-bulb fixture in order to get the best results. Don’t worry about the rooms that have large windows and plenty of daylight. At the end, you may consider adding a lamp here there in order to improve the ambient lighting.

Take Care of the Flooring

Everybody will notice the state of the floors inside your property. Make sure to fix the flooring or even change it completely. This effort will cost you less than to leave the old one. Bad flooring will certainly decrease the overall value since most of the potential buyers will address this issue the moment they enter the house.

Declutter the Property

Regardless of who lived in the house before it was listed for sale or rent, you’ll have to work on some decluttering. Professional furniture removalists in Sydney area strongly recommend cleaning the property of all unnecessary items that might be left behind the last tenants. Special attention should be directed to appliances and kitchen elements such as cupboards. After this action you’ll save some space and the interior will look much more appealing.

Don’t Forget Small Fixes

Make sure to replace every single burnt light bulb with a new one. Work on leaking faucets and replace torn screens. Look for the nicks and dents in most visited areas and make sure to fix them. Once you’re done will functional fixes, you should continue with the pretty stuff. Fill the space with flowers, put some big red apples on the kitchen isle, or refresh linens in the bathrooms. All these details will soften up your potential buyer and you’ll get yourself a better deal.

Introduce the Best Use of Every Room

While showing the house, you should put some ideas in your potential buyer’s head. You can present them every room as it should be, but you can add another function as well. So when you’re in the guest room make sure to mention that it can be easily used as home office with just a few additions. These tricks can come in handy if your property lack of space. Because of that, try to find the alternative for every room in the house.

Invest in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Those two areas are the ones where buyers will demand the perfection. In case you have dated cabinet or cracked laminate counters, make sure to invest in repairing and upgrading. If you’re tight on your budget, you may just paint the cabinets, polish or replace knobs and handles. That action will most certainly give everything an immediate appeal.

Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned above are just some guidelines you should follow while staging your real estate, but there are a lot more issues to address in practice. Don’t let that discourage you, try to transform concerns into motivation. It is good to know that staged homes sell much faster than unstaged ones, and earn more money. Staging won’t waste a lot of your time, but it will most certainly increase the overall value.

Leila Dorari is a freelance writer and a home-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. She is currently spreading the word about the positive impact hiring a professional removalists can make on a family’s budget. When taking a break from making new marketing slogans, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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