November 12, 2018

Transcript: Rentometer’s Affiliate Program is a great way to earn commissions by referring your audience, clients, and other real estate professionals to use Rentometer for rent comp data.

And Rentometer is a service you’ll want to recommend!  We’ve delivered over 15 million rent reports to date, – and Rentometer’s considered the go-to service for reliable rent data for apartments, condos, and homes anywhere in the U.S.

Rentometer pays our affiliates a 40% commission per paid subscription.  For our most popular annual subscription, you’ll receive $39.60 per sign up.  So say you get 10 people to sign up….that’s up to $400 - that’s real money added to your bottom line  

And we couldn’t make it easier for you.  With minimal effort, you can monetize your content using trackable links available through our trusted third-party affiliate partner.  

Get started on our affiliate program in these 3 easy steps: 

First – submit your name, email, and website on our affiliate webpage.   You can get to our affiliate page from our homepage.  Just click on the About link from the dropdown and click on Affiliate Program.

We’ll review your information within one business day to make sure you’re a good fit for our program. 

Step 2 - once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email with your own designated trackable referral link.

Last step!  Start making money!  Simply copy and paste your trackable referral link to anywhere you communicate to your audience.  Some of best ways our current affiliates members are spreading the word are on their websites, blogs, newsletters, and on their social media channels like facebook and twitter.

Remember – a user that comes to our site by using your referral link and purchases a subscription – you get a commission on.

The payments for referrals are quick and easy and can be sent directly to your PayPal account.

Sign up for the Rentometer Affiliate Program and start earning commissions today!

Thanks for watching today, this has been a presentation from Rentometer, we really do love all things rental data.

You can learn more about Rentometer and our affiliate program at 

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