January 29, 2018

Living expenses take up the biggest portion of people’s income. It’s why many people seek out the most affordable places to live in America.

The following are some of the best cities for rentals that won’t eat up your entire paycheck each month.

Tupelo, Mississippi

This city’s cost of living is 20.8 percent below the national average. The median monthly rental rate is $1,100. One bedrooms can be as low as $583 a month, while 4 bedrooms are around $1,650. This makes the city 33.1 percent below the national average for housing costs.

Learn more about rentals in Tupelo, Mississippi here.

Richmond, Indiana

The cost of living in Richmond, Indiana is slightly higher than Tupelo but not by much at 21.3 percent. Median monthly rent is much lower at $800. One bedrooms are about $431 and 4 bedrooms are around $775. These low housing costs make it 39 percent below the national average.

For more information on renting in Richmond, Indiana, click here.

Harlingen, Texas

With a cost of living about the same as Tupelo and Richmond, Harlingen is another great option for low-cost housing. The medium monthly rent is higher than both previous cities at $1,200, but the housing costs are still 32.4 below the national average.  The good news is that you can find great one-bedroom apartments for about $597 and 4 bedrooms at $1,075.

Want to see some options in this price range in Harlingen, Texas? Go here.

Conway, Arkansas

Housing costs are 37.3 percent below the national average for this Arkansas city, and it’s 22.2 percent below the national average for cost of living. This makes it a great place for affordable rent. The median monthly rent is $1,000, but you can find many rentals for below this amount. One bedrooms are about $540, 2 bedrooms are around $571, and 3 bedrooms can be approximately $961 per month.

Click here to see what you can get for these rental rates in Conway, Arkansas.

McAllen, Texas

The median monthly rent for McAllen is more than the other cities at $1,300, but you can still find one and two-bedroom apartments for under $1,000. When compared to the national average, McAllen is still way below for cost of living and housing costs.

For more information on rentals in McAllen, Texas, use our powerful rental search tool.

Getting the Best Deals in Any City

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