August 13, 2018

Things Renters Want

Updated March 22, 2021

When you work in a customer-driven industry, the goal is to meet the needs of your customers while maximizing profit and driving positive goals. To do that, you must listen to what people want, and when you’re able to be in charge, that can be difficult.

Not many people feel comfortable enough to make comments or file complaints to someone who’s the boss, but the internet has begun to solve this problem for property managers. Through online reviews and social media posts, you can see what people are looking for in rental properties and how they’re reacting to the properties around you.

To make your rental property a success, read on and consider these five things that renters want from their property manager. Get right to the point of creating a home people will enjoy and take the guesswork out of starting your business.

Five things renters want from their property manager

Online Photos to Preview

Everything is online now, and that’s no secret. If something isn’t online, people are looking for ways to digitally translate it, so it’s easier to access people worldwide. You’re going to have a website for your rental property if you don’t already, and part of getting your business off the ground is to make that website a welcoming place.

The first thing a potential renter will do when they reach your website is looking for photos of empty living spaces. They’ll want to be able to see where they might live and try to imagine themselves there. If the photos show a space that doesn’t meet their standards, they will move on with calling for more details.

Make sure that you have photos online for potential renters to preview. It’s only going to look shady if you don’t. You should also hire a reputable photographer to snap photos of your rental space in the best way possible so what’s on your website shines to viewers.

Internet Access to Resources

You’ve already established your website, but there should be more to it than photos and a link for people to use to contact you. There are important things to include on your website, so current and future renters can use it efficiently.

Always keep in mind that your platform should be mobile-friendly. People will pay their bills and submit maintenance requests through the resident portal, and they won’t always be in front of a computer to do that.

Another detail to add to your website is easy access to your social media accounts. Running social media accounts for your rental properties will keep renters connected and provide a place to leave reviews. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter will be a good starting point for a collaborative platform and allow easier communication with renters about events like water shut-offs or office hour changes.

Regular Upkeep of the Property

It’s not enough to have living spaces that look nice and an office that’s welcoming. The property itself should be thoughtfully designed and regularly maintained. This means hiring a landscaping crew or team members to mow the grass, water flowers, and trim bushes. No one enjoys living in a space that isn’t maintained.

You might have found a rental property you want to use, but that needs a lot of work. Renovating can seem intimidating, especially when you get your first round of estimates, but it will be worth it. The ROI of any property renovation is sure to lead to higher profits as it attracts clients.

Residents will be more willing to pay higher rental prices if they know it will include the cost of regular upkeep of the property grounds. In return, you’ll have happier residents and more positive reviews online that will attract new renters.

Premium Amenities

When you explain the cost of renting from your property to potential clients, you can talk all you want about how the location is driving up the cost of rent, but they won’t care. What they want to know is if they’re going to be living in a comfortable space. That means that amenities should be updated.

Do some research by reading about what amenities renters want out of a rental property. You can do small details, like maximizing closet space or installing granite countertops that will help. Most people will look for the major amenities, too, like an updated fitness center with access to free Wi-Fi or a pet park for dog lovers to visit so their furry friends can stretch their legs.

A good way to think about it is to consider what you’d want out of a place you would rent. You can also look at what properties in your area are offering to ensure that you’re competitive enough to stay in the ballgame once potential renters start comparing properties.

Constant Communication

Communication is key in any business, but especially when you’re a property manager. Renter’s will appreciate it if you take the extra step to let them know ahead of time about renovation work or anything else that could disrupt their daily routine. Communication makes people feel thought about and cared for, which will keep people in their leases longer than if they felt like their property manager didn’t care.

It could be argued that renters will be willing to wait for some things to make the property a better place. Building a new gym or adding on parking spaces would make renters happy in the long run, but you should be more concerned about having the things they’ll want upfront as a property manager.

Access to online resources through a resident portal or grounds regularly kept up with will be important to people who know they’ll be paying to live on your property. Ensure that the rental spaces you offer make people feel at home both inside and outside of their individual spaces. Renters will feel satisfied with their quality of life when they move in and continue to feel that way throughout their lease.


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