September 11, 2018
Tagged in: Using Rentometer

This quick presentation will help you enter your address search before looking up rent comps in your selected area.

Transcript: Hi, my name is Liz. In this short video, I’m going to show you how to properly add an address for a rent comp search. So, I’ve logged into my Pro account, and I’m ready to add an address for my search.

Search Address & Add Rent Amount

If I go to the address field I’ll go ahead and start adding in the address that I want, and you can see I’ve run this search before so it auto-populates. I’ll choose that option, and I’ll go over to the rent information. Now for most people using our system, you won’t need to add a rent amount, we will tell you what the average rents are for in that area. If you want to put a rent amount or you know the rent amount in that area, we’ll let you know if that’s a fair rent or not.

Search Bedroom Type

For the beds, I’ll go ahead and choose the number of beds that I want my rent comp on, so I’m looking at rentals with 2-bedrooms so I’ll enter that.

Max-Age Filter

Down here is the max-age filter, so this is how far back I want to look in the Rentometer rent data for rents in that area. I’m using some test data, so I’m going to set it at 48 months. Typically our users will look at 6-12 months of data.

Search Radius

For search radius, we recommend everyone to set this at auto and once you process the report, you can go back and fine-tune the information, maybe make the radius smaller based on how much data we have in that area. If you set it to auto, that allows Rentometer to determine how far out it needs to go to pull a statistical rent analysis for this comp.

Building Type

For Building Type, you have three options. It’s either all, apartment-condo, or house-duplex. We like to recommend everyone start with all so you can take a look at all types of 2-bedroom comps in that area, and then based on the information you can go ahead and decide whether you want to filter that building type after.

Report Branding

Pro subscribers are able to set-up customize branding. You can either choose the Rentometer branding or if you click on the down arrow you can choose your own custom branding which will pit your business logo and information at the top of the reports instead of the Rentometer logo.

Analyze Rent!

Once you have all that information you can click on analyze address, and you’re off on your way to get your pro rent analysis.