October 8, 2018

A property management company cares for, controls, monitors, and oversees the running of the real estate, personal property and physical capital assets. The company is a mediator between the landlord or owner and the customer(s). A property management company is a specialized company.

Therefore, the task of hiring employees is quite peculiar as certain skill sets are required for any employee. For any organization to run effectively, it requires the right people. These people form the ideal team which has the right attitude, providing value for the company in the long run.

What to Look out for When Hiring

When hiring, a property management company will first have to consider how well the prospective employees’ resume looks. A well-crafted resume is usually an indicator of the inherent abilities of the prospective employee. You have to consider their qualification, past working experience(s), availability and schedule. In terms of qualifications, the company might lookout for a Bachelor degree in real estate and property management when hiring.

As the mediator between property owners and customers, the property manager is to satisfy every party to the contract. Every customer has a story to tell, a reason for wanting a new house. They may be newlyweds, have an expanding family, have a new job, or even be retiring. When renting out a house, most landlords never get face-time with their clients so, it is the job of a property manager to speak with and understand the needs of a client in order to properly satisfy them.

Skills to Consider When Hiring

To be hired at a property management company, the ability to speak convincingly to the clients is important. Quite a lot of clients are indecisive as to what they need and if they should get it. A successful property manager must be able to convincingly sell products to the prospective clients, outlining the best options available to them. Matters like collecting rent, repairs, responding to complaints, handling maintenance and even evictions fall under the purview of a property management company and whoever is hired must be able to complete such tasks.

One of the things a prospective employee must understand is the place of owners, tenants, and the other kinds of clients who intend to acquire their services in property management.  The prospective property manager must also understand the peculiar legalities of housing within the neighborhood (fair housing laws). There are particular provisions in the law guiding the actions and inactions of members of different communities.

 The prospective employee must understand the housing and all the technicalities that come with it such as the best floorings, home appliances (present or not), fixtures and wall mountings.  The job requires familiarity with apartment leasing techniques including building terminologies, etiquette, telephone answering techniques, information gathering, community tour presentation, closing a deal and so on.

Knowledge of Real Estate Financing

A little knowledge of finance especially aspects connected with real estate is also necessary. Properties vary in class, and each sometimes require varying financing options, a property manager will have to orientate the real estate investor or the landlord or the tenant on the options that are available maybe even the tax liabilities best suited to them, for example, private funding, online platform lenders, HELOC against other properties, local community banks and many others.

Using the Digital World Advantageously

The prospective employee should also be able to use and leverage on digital marketing to aid property management growth and the company in general. With the rapid digital transformation, a property manager must know how to wield digital marketing to his advantage. The company would have to look at the prospect’s ability to use certain technology like Augment Reality, Virtual reality, CRM Software, Property management software among many others.  For example, property management software is used to streamline and automate accounting, marketing and task maintenance.

The company can also make use of professional hire recruiters to aid in recruiting team members, this will also save time in screening, checking qualifications and training.

About the Author: Jennifer Broflowski is currently the Executive Assistant & Content Contributor for Craft Resumes. Over the years she has acquired a wealth of experience in content writing and development. Jennifer is passionate about the arts especially classical music when she is not reading a book or writing she is probably lost in the world of Beethoven.

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