April 19, 2017

It's okay to be the party-pooper when you're the landlord.  It's much easier to try and get the message clear right out of the gate regarding noise/activity at your property, instead of cleaning up the mess (and possible legal trouble) after a rager goes down.  Here are 3 items you should consider including in your lease agreement to let your tenants know that you are serious about being respectful of your property (and surrounding neighbors) before the party gets started!   

1.  Include detailed wording in your lease agreement about what constitutes being loud or disruptive at your property.  Previous landlords (of your tenants) may have been more lenient, or had a higher threshhold for noise/paryting.  Be specific about your expectations and noise guidelines. 

2.  Be clear in your lease agreement that you have zero tolerance for illegal activity at your property.  Let your tenants know that activities such as under age drinking, using illegal drugs and disorderly conduct are prohibited and will lead to eviction from your property.

3.  Consider including language in the lease agreement that limits the number of guests allowed at your property at one time.  Example: No more than 10 guests are allowed in the apartment without prior approval from the landlord.  

Strong wording in the lease agreement regarding loudness and disruptive behavior is the key to preventing the party from getting started.  Being the fun-police is never a good time...unless you're the landlord protecting your asset.

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