April 26, 2018

The purpose of staging your rental property is to make a great first impression to prospective tenants. Staging will help your property stand out from the competition. In fact, staging can generate up to 556% returns, according to a survey conducted recently by HomeGain.

Staging also shows prospective tenants that you care about maintaining your property. Staging makes your unit look homey and lived in.

Consider these tips to help you stage your rental property to make sure you bring in quality tenants.

1.The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house and should look its best. According to Marina Gorbounov, owner of Evolve Real Estate, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to stage when renting out your home or selling your home. So you better make sure it's sparkling clean and smell fresh. Make sure the garbage has been removed and there are no lingering odors.

If you have stainless steel appliances, make sure they’re polished and have no fingerprints. Wipe your cabinets – they do get greasy and dirty. Make your oven shine and stove shine. Clean out drawers – they collect crumbs and debris. And scrub everything!

2. The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important and often used spaces in your home. Therefore, make it a showpiece by cleaning it thoroughly. This gives the impression that your home is well maintained and well loved.

You may also want to consider making subtle upgrades. But more importantly, ensure that these upgrades offer the best bang for your buck. Examples of such upgrades include updating towel bars, installing new light fittings, updating the cabinet hardware, and repainting the wall.

3. Accessories and Furnishings 

To give the house a homey feeling and help prospective tenants visualize living there, give the place a ‘lived-in’ look. Make sure that you tailor your furnishings to your prospective market.

For example, you could choose a casual dining set and an open entertainment area if your potential tenant is a young executive or a busy couple. The idea here is to use furnishings that reflect the prospective tenant’s lifestyle, needs, and interests.

4. The Entrance

Great impressions matter a lot. Your entrance hall is the first space that prospective buyers will see inside your house. Thus, it’s important to stage it right. Here are some tips to make the best first impression at the entrance.

  • If you have wood railings, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint.
  • If you have vinyl railings outside your home’s entrance, give them a good washing.
  • Trim bushes and trees as needed to give a tidy appearance.
  • Add mulch to boost your curb appeal.
  • If the door and shutters are different colors, consider painting them the same color.
  • If the home’s paint is chipped or faded, give it a fresh coat.

5. Landscaping 

The curb appeal of your home is incredibly important when trying to rent your property. The first thing you’d want to do is to update or replace worn out fixtures. Is your number sign looking a little rusty? Get a new one! Does the front door squeak a little when you open it? Oil it! Got an entrance light that hasn’t been working? Sort it out!

Improve the overall look of your home by touching up with fresh paint. A fresh coat of paint can get rid of rust, dirt, grime, scratches, and water stains.

Other things you could do to boost your property’s curb appeal include: trimming trees and shrubs; pressure washing the exterior; adding potted flowers and making sure your lawn is well-groomed and watered.

6. The Location

Add elements to the décor to neatly tie up the location. This is especially important for short-term rentals. If your rental is near the mountains, include some rustic touches. If it’s near a lake, you can include a beautiful painting of a lake. If it’s near the beach, include a few seaside elements throughout the home.

7. Special Amenities

Amenities increase desirability and they attract a steady stream of renters. Therefore, showcase any special features the property has. A food caddy, game rooms, spas, pools and the like can make your rental property very attractive.

For even better results, make sure such areas are free from clutter and appear functional and pleasant. You could also consider adding some extras such as swim toys, comfy chairs, game equipment, and so on.

8. Professional Services

There are many reasons why you should consider using a professional home staging service. One reason is that they have extensive knowledge of the business. A home stager will ensure that your home is viewed impartially and bundled in a way that makes your house suit the needs of many.

Another reason is that they tend to be convenient and quick. They’ll know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

Author Bio

Stephen Fox is a digital marketing consultant and co-founder of Upkeep Media. Upkeep Media specializes in working with the real estate industry to improve their organic search, content marketing, Google Ads, and social media marketing. He also holds a number of online certifications and is a CPA. If you're interested in working with Stephen you can contact him via email at stephen.fox@upkeepmedia.com.

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