April 15, 2019

Whether you want to rent an apartment, an office or storage space, chances are that you are not the only landlord on the local market. Finding the best way to attract trustworthy tenants or property caretakers can be difficult, especially if you are a landlord independent of any agency or brand.

However, with the right approach to writing an effective rental ad, you will be able to establish a line of communication with interested parties. Let’s take a look at several tips and guidelines which can help you rent your property that much more quickly as a result of smart writing.

Consider the Basics

There are several basics of rental advertisement which are set in stone in terms of technicalities and minute details. While you have full control and freedom to present your property as you see fit, potential tenants will want to see some if not all of these elements in a noteworthy ad:

  • Your name and contact address
  • The city and neighborhood your property belongs to
  • The price of your property (weekly/monthly/yearly)
  • Number of bedrooms available for use
  • Number of bathrooms and their utilities
  • Are pets and smoking allowed on the property?

You can organize this info via a writing platform such as Grab My Essay or Evernote if you don’t have the necessary technical skills to do so. While not entirely necessary, these elements will increase the likelihood of potential tenants knocking on your door. You will also effectively eliminate any unnecessary filler in terms of calls in regards to the price of your property or whether it’s pet-friendly or not.

Analyze the Market

As we’ve previously mentioned, your property (or properties) is only a sample of what the market has to offer to potential tenants. It’s important to analyze your local market in terms of pricing, property equipment, tenant benefits and so forth.

You can draw parallels between your property and others once you have a better idea of how your opening stacks up against others in the same neighborhood. Make sure that you have a fair offer on your hands but also that you don’t give out too much for a low price.

You might also need to invest in repairs or refurbishment depending on how well-kept your property is. Once you have a good idea of how your property compares to others on the market, you can approach the writing process without being in the dark about pivotal details.

Short Form Works Wonders

While you may have good intentions by wanting to write a small article about your property, this is hardly necessary. Instead, opt for short rental ad writing and include the most important information as we’ve outlined it previously. Once that information is present in your ad, you can include a short paragraph as a description of the property.

Don’t write unnecessary filler if you don’t have anything to add apart from the necessary details. You can also refer to tools such as Grammarly, Hot Essay Serviceand Hemingway to edit your rental ad before publishing it. After all, potential tenants want to see as many ads as possible during their spare time – allow them to do so by trimming the fat off of your ad and focusing on the most important elements.

Add Photos if Possible

Publishing your rental ads online will likely allow you to add representative images to your post. Make sure that you have up-to-date photos of your property in multiple angles, including as many rooms as possible in the collection.

There is no point in hiding that the balcony overlooks a noisy street or that the building doesn’t have dedicated parking space. The only thing you will accomplish by omitting these details is to take up your and your visitor’s precious time away.

High-quality photos can be a great selling point for tenants, especially families looking for a permanent residence. If your rental website or newspaper doesn’t allow for photos to be added, you can provide potential tenants with images via email or another communication channel. Be upfront about your property and people will be more willing to commit to renting it.

Include Unique Benefits

Every property includes unique features and benefits which will be the main selling point for most tenants. For example, a simple addendum about “quiet neighborhood” can help you attract a friendly family or a pair of students to your property. Other benefits such as “extra parking space” or “extra warm winters” can do a lot in terms of differentiating your property from others.

However, it’s important that these statements are true about your property so that you avoid any unpleasant situations down the line. Think about your property and what beneficial features it has – you never know what someone might be looking for on the open market.

Write a Call to Action

While not entirely necessary, a call to action can greatly increase your chances of getting calls and visitors to your property. Calls to action are a traditional marketing technique which involves asking the reader to “act” on something they’ve just read.

For example, a simple “call before the end of the month to receive a discount” will do wonders for your response rates. You should use calls to action sparingly however and not solely rely on them to sell your property. After all, your property’s features and technical details (as well as the rent you’ve set) will always be the final deciding factor.

In Summation

Writing effective rental ads is all about market research and differentiation. Don’t follow a pattern set by other properties on the market and try to make your ad unique in terms of wording, photos, and general information.

Always spellcheck and format your ads before publishing them for tenants to see. While they won’t break a potential rental, these mistakes are unnecessary and can easily be avoided to make a better impression. All that’s left to do then is to put your property out there and wait for the right tenant to knock on your door.

About the Author: Bridgette Hernandez holds a Master in Anthropology and is interested in writing and plans to publish her own book in the nearest future. As an editor and frequent contributor to Supreme Dissertations and at Study clerkBridgette aims to share her knowledge through digital content creation. She finished her studies last year but is already an expert when it comes to presenting a text in a creative and understandable manner. 

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