October 30, 2018

Transcript: Hi there!  No one likes an empty apartment unit, right?  Landlords and property managers know how important it is to advertise your available rental listings in the right places to get the most interest.  

With the amount of renters using Rentometer every day to check rents – we are a great place to list your available rentals.  Any time a renter compares rents in the area of your rental, your listing will be presented to them.  And did we mention that listing your rental on Rentometer is free and takes just a couple minutes to complete?

In this quick demo, we’ll walk you through a quick tutorial of how to list your listings on Rentometer!

First, log into your Rentometer account.  If you don’t have one, simply sign up for our free trial.

In the top right-hand corner click the “List” tab and click on the “Add / Update” Listings option.

Once you’re on your personal listing page, click on the “Add New Listing” button.

Here you can simply add all the details of your property including rent price, number of beds and baths, property type, square feet and any additional information you would like to include or highlight.

Here at the bottom of the page, you can include a URL to your personal website for renters to learn more about the property and even upload a photo.

One thing to note, it’s very important that you check mark the box that lets users know whether or not your property is available for rent. This will be important in our next step when we run a rent comp search to see your listing.

Now you can click on the “Save Listing” button and there you have it -  your listing now appears back on your listing page.

Now let’s pretend we are a renter using rentometer – searching for rent comps and rentals in the area where your rental is located.     

Enter either the address or neighborhood where your property is listed and click “analyze address”

On the report map, you will see your rental listing will stand out with our orange Rentometer “O” logo representing the available rental listing.  Click on the orange logo where your property is located….this will give a condensed version of your rental listing.  Click on “Available for Rent!” to see the full listing.

Here potential renters will be presented with your full rental listing information with a form to find out further information about the rental.

As you can see, Listing with Rentometer is a quick and easy way to advertise your available rental property.  Start listing your properties with us today!

If you’d like more information about adding your listings, email us at feedback@rentometer.com

Thanks for watching today, this has been a presentation from Rentometer, we really do love all things rental data.

You can learn more about us at www.rentometer.com