February 12, 2019
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We’ve added a significant expansion to our standard rent report.  PRO users can now access Property Reports for our rent comp listings. The Property Report is packed with detailed information for each property including:

•    Google Street View snap shot image
•    Rental history from our database - we will present all data points for that address with the
      rent amount and the date that we saw it.
•    Year Built
•    Property tax information including year assessed, assessed value, tax year, tax rate area
      and tax billed.
•    Sale information including last sale date and last sale amount
•    Property dimensions including building area, lot area, lot dimension
•    Deed information including mortgage amount, mortgage date, and lender name.
•    Other information including building codes for roof material, HVAC cooling, HVAC heating,
      and HVAC fuel.

See a Sample Property Report Here

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