July 27, 2018

Have you ever thought of getting into real estate after you’re through with your college? Many people do, and most of them find it a great option to start off their professional journey. Other people find it scary and stressful thus they end up accepting mediocre job offers.

Typically, of all the courses that are available out there, real estate is the only option that can give you a solid career that has potential dependent on how much effort you’re willing to put in it. According to Wikipedia, 45% of individuals who graduate yearly try a career in real estate. Let’s consider five reasons for graduates to start a career in real estate.

It’s Easy to Start

Real estate career is one of the few career options that require little financial and time investments. A graduate with some money can start up the profession and get it up running within a short time. The only significant element that they should keep in mind is that a budding real estate broker should enter the field with great passion and motivation. It would be advantageous if you have an extensive network of friends and family because they could be your first potential clients to start up with.

On the other hand, for you to earn a real estate license, you’re required to meet the minimum requirements of the prelicensing education of the state as well as the licensing exams. The cost that is associated with the said education and exam is relatively low, affordable, and takes about a month. The low requirements to start a career in real estate, therefore, make it attractive to the recent college graduates. The field does not require much technical industry skills for you to begin working to become a licensed real estate agent.

It’s Fulfilling Work and Has No Cap on Earnings

The good thing about working in the field of real estate is that you make differences in the lives of different people in the society. You get to help people achieve their dreams through assisting the first-time buyers to find their perfect home. You also get to help others sell their home so that they can pursue their dreams. Apart from helping your clients, as a real estate broker, you get to contribute to building a stronger community hence promoting great neighborhoods.

If you work for yourself as most of the agents, you are typically going to be treated like a sovereign contractor. This means that you have no restrictions on the work that you can do and earn as much as you want in a given single year.

Therefore, if you input more handwork into the business, there are chances that you will be successful and earn more than you ever expected. The unlimited earnings promise for the real estate agents should give you the drive to sell even in a sinking economy.

The Real Estate Market Never Dies

Even when the real estate market is down, it’s not the market that stops to exist. During this time, you may sell fewer homes compared to the ones you sold during the upmarket, but that doesn't mean that you've stopped selling homes completely. Even when the economy is bad, the real estate agents have an opportunity to sell homes to any qualified buyer provided they have the required tools. This is not the case in other businesses as employees suffer a lot during the days of the weak economy.

In most cases, people fear to invest in the real estate business because they have never had any previous experiences in sales and customer service. However, this should not hinder you. Even if you’ve been writing affordable papers for a living, with some determination, you can make it in real estate. Real estate involves the practical decision that comes out when you feel you need a career change. It’s not something that happens abruptly; nonetheless, its entry barrier is low while the growth potential is high unlike in other professions.

It Has Exponential Growth and Unlimited Income Potential

Success in real estate business can influence your company to grow to any size you choose. This is a trait that’s available to a few business owners. Many real estate workers start out working in other firms before they establish their firms. With slight financial success, it is much easy to begin building your own company mainly if you have a client base that wants your service. The decision of whether you want to stick to an operation of a single person or you wish to undertake other agents is solely dependent on you, once your business is doing fine.

With real estate, you're the one who controls the amount of money that you can make as well as how you structure your business. You can decide to work for other firms or work for yourself or even grow business into a larger company. In real estate, you’ll directly benefit from the amount of work that you input unlike in other careers where you work for long hours to make money for someone else.

It Has a Flexible Schedule

One of the primary reason why graduates should join this career path is that of its flexible schedule. As long as you can have some little hours to devote to your work daily, you are good to go. The real estate market has a relatively flexible tendency that allows you to set your own schedule, whether to work for yourself or a larger firm. Provided you can pull your weight financially, and you have the freedom to take time off whenever you choose.


Starting a new career can be a hectic process, however, getting a career path that brings you the forward momentum that you need requires a lot of effort on your part. Nevertheless, with minimal investment and a great partner in real estate education, you can become a successful and prosperous real estate agent.

Do you think a career in real estate can be achieved at a pace that’s unmatched by any other career paths? Share your views with us in the comments.

Author's Bio: Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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