May 10, 2018

Are you running a property management business but you don’t have a blog? Is it one of those things that you’re considering doing somewhere in the future or that you’ve put on your list but haven’t got to yet?  Then you’re missing out! Blogs are phenomenally effective marketing devices and more.

Why is that? There are a lot of reasons – here we’ll cover some of the main ones.

1. They’re Valuable for SEO Purposes

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of making sure that when people use google to search for something they end up finding your company easily. The great thing about Google traffic is that it doesn’t cost anything! If you rank well then you’re going to get a constant stream of traffic for free.

To rank well for SEO, you have to consider a number of things. These include:

  • Ranking for the right keywords. Keywords are the words that people use when they search. For example, ‘property management’ and ‘blog’ would be some of the keywords related to this article.
  • Ranking for the right long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are really short sentences that more closely match certain search criteria. So ‘Property management’ would be a normal keyword, while ‘blogs for property management business’ would be a long-tail keyword. The advantage of long-tail keywords is that people are generally further along in their search when they start writing out long-tail keywords. This means they’re also close to making a purchasing decision. Another advantage is that there is less competition for them, which makes it easier to rank for them on search engines.
  • Having enough text. All else being equal, Google and other search engines are more likely to steer traffic to sites that have more text as they’re more likely to find the answers they’re looking for.
  • Having different pages dedicated to different topics. If you have multiple pages dedicated to different topics then Google is going to find it easier to define what a page is about. And that, in turn, makes it more likely they’ll send traffic there.

The thing is, all of these things are accomplished by blog articles. They will let you rank for the right keywords that matter to your industry, be they long or short. They add more text to your website, which gives Google more meat. And different posts can be dedicated to different topics, allowing you to cover a far wider variety of topics that you otherwise could.

2. It Helps With Branding and Trust Building

Let’s face it, most of our customers don’t know the difference between one property management business and the next. That’s a problem, as obviously you’ve got certain strengths that other businesses don’t have, which you want to show off.

Blogs can help with that. They can let you show off your team, your achievements and the values and causes that are important to you. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition.

More importantly, it will also create trust between you and your potential customers. They will get to see what you stand for and what you believe in. And if those values gel with their own values, then they are more likely to work with you.

What it also allows you to do is set yourself down as human. That matters. In previous eras, it wasn’t hard to see the human side of a company. You walked in the front door and you spoke with the person who sat there. Today, that’s a lot harder. Internet pages are far more anonymous. That makes it harder to connect with potential customers. Blogs counter that trend by allowing customers to see your human side.

3. You Can Position Yourself As An Expert

Another powerful advantage is the ability to position yourself as somebody who knows. When you manage to demonstrate expertise in a certain field then people are far more likely to respect your opinion about other matters as well, by way of the psychological principle of the halo effect.

Even better, other people in the industry might turn to insights you’ve posted on your blog and discuss that in their own articles and blog posts. This will let your reputation spread far beyond your initial circles and will make people aware of you that otherwise might never have heard of you.


GIGO – or garbage in garbage out – originally comes from programming but is just as applicable to blogging. The value of a blog is only as good as the quality of a blog. If you write about things that everybody else writes about or write about it in a way that isn’t engaging, then the blog will not be worth the investment.

For that reason, make sure that if you do decide to create a blog, you do so correctly. Don’t write about the same things. And if you aren’t a natural writer, then turn to a writing service to help you. 

Really, it’s just like every other form of advertising. You wouldn’t put up a poor quality advertisement, or send out a marketing email full of spelling mistakes. You should treat your blog with the same respect.

About the Author: Natalie Andersen, chief officer at the top essay writing service Get Good Grade, pro writer, and researcher, author of the book “Conquer Essay Phobia: Perfect Formula for a Good Grade!”. Once and forever, I decided for myself, that my life will never be the result of the circumstances, but of my own actions. I am fancy creating the things I am good at and make them useful for the others.

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