March 18, 2019

In today’s world, real estate professionals are under increasing pressure to provide consumers with the latest and greatest information as quickly as possible. High tech tools can increase productivity for real estate professionals and help push new properties for rent. Consider these technologies when devising your business and marketing strategies.

Social Networking Websites

Social media may not be new, but it is extremely important and far too many real estate agents ignore these free platforms. Facebook and Twitter are especially important for providing consumers with up-to-date information. Better yet, social media allows real estate agents to communicate with home buyers and sellers. This back and forth conversation makes it easier for agents to connect with consumers, which is good for business. Engaging consumers is one of the biggest perks of social media. Plus, when there are new homes for sale, social media is the quickest way to get the information out there to people in a way that they’re likely to see it that day.

One of the best social media websites is YouTube. This is an ideal platform for real estate agents because they can create their own YouTube channel. Videos of homes for sale can be uploaded so that buyers can go on a virtual tour of the home.

QR Codes

QR Codes, which is short for Quick Response Codes, are bar codes that can be scanned with a smartphone. The smartphone user needs to have special software installed, but newer phones come with this information already installed. Agents can put QR codes on just about any type of marketing material, including “For Sale” signs. Then, home buyers can scan the code and be directed to a website that provides information about the house. This is easier for buyers because they don’t have to remember the information that was on the sign.

Sometimes, these QR Codes are meant for other agents, not necessarily home buyers. When an agent scans the QR Code, they’ll be taken to a page that has the combination to a lockbox. That way, they can access the house key and show clients the home.

Internet Data Exchange

Internet Data Exchange is an online interface that’s available to the public. Anybody can search on an Internet Data Exchange to find information about any properties that are listed with a Multiple Listing Service. This helps buyers look for homes available in a specific area. Real estate agents can even embed Internet Data Exchange onto their website so that visitors can use it right from the homepage.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are great for real estate agents because buyers can browse listings on the go. Real estate agents can either create their own apps or add their listings to existing apps. The best mobile applications are ones that let users interact and you can find at google play app ranking list of good applications. For example, listing your contact information on the mobile app will increase your chances of selling a property because buyers know you’re accessible.

Technology can certainly make a real estate agent’s job easier. In the fast-paced real estate world, saving time means saving money, and these tools can help you do that. Provide a better experience for your clients, sell homes faster, and get more out of your day by adding some new hardware and software to your routine!\

About the Author: Ronnie Deboer is an android developer. He is from Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from The University of Arizona. He works as an Android developer at IT-company. He's keen on technologies.

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