March 21, 2018

Finding a perfect tenant is never easy, but finding a perfect landlord isn’t any less difficult either. The complex process of renting your home to another person always comes with a number of decisions and intricate conversations that are supposed to make the entire transaction more bearable for all parties concern.

Still, no matter what kind of a place you’re looking for or what you offer, there are still certain things that everyone considers standard and usual. That’s why you should always know what you’re looking for and what you’d be willing to change in order to rent your apartment more easily and successfully. Therefore, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, here’s a quick guide that might help you become better at this whole process.

Things Everyone Loves

When getting a new place, all tenants are looking for just one simple thing – a home – and that’s why all landlords should be familiar with the basic things everyone is going to be yearning for. Some of the most important things include the location since we all wish to spend our time in a nice neighborhood, close to shopping malls and local parks, as well as the parking, which is especially important to those who own a car, and the local transportation, for those who don’t.

In addition to that, tenants prefer places that are fully furnished, equipped with new kitchen appliances and include lots of storage space. Therefore, while you can’t affect your property’s location or parking options, what you can do is invest in renovating and furnishing it, making it more attractive to a larger number of people.

Finding Perfect Tenants

Advertising your property in order to find the best possible tenants isn’t the easiest job in the world, but once you get into it and start paying more attention to details, you’ll realize it isn’t as hard as it seems. What you need to do is accentuate the good sides of your property and try to hide, or at least rationalize, the bad.

In other words, find an amazing local realtor and talk to them about the options they can offer: online, newspapers and radio advertising are the things they should be familiar with, so take their advice into consideration and target only those people who are suitable for becoming your future tenants. Also, start valuing the tenants’ opinion – ask what they like and dislike, and then, try to minimize the problems they are most bothered by.

Make Your Property A Home

Although it’s your tenants’ job to turn your property into their home, you too can be involved in this process too. Besides furnishing and equipping it with new appliances, you can do a couple of minor renovations and thus make your property stand out even more. Things, like repainting the walls, installing new countertops, readjusting the cabinets, and fixing roof leaks, won’t take more than a couple of days and shouldn’t be too costly, but will make a major impression on potential tenants and make them fall in love with your place immediately.

If you are in a position to make even more changes, go for it! If you’re living in an extremely hot region, like Australia, you simply have to invest in a proper A/C system in your property because nobody’s going to rent it otherwise. That’s why lots of Aussie landlords are interested in the services of reliable Sydney air conditioning experts who know how to fine-tune these systems perfectly so the tenants can enjoy those hot summer days. Finally, this is an investment that will put your property ahead of the competition, so give this idea a thought as soon as possible.

Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

Of course, no tenants are ever going to find themselves an absolutely perfect property, nor are any landlords certain they’ll come across a perfect tenant. That’s why people need to find the middle ground and compromise for the sake of everyone involved – from the investments in the property to the monthly rent, every issue can be discussed and you can find a solution that suits everyone.

Negotiating the rent, for instance, isn’t a process most tenants enjoy, but it’s a dance they all have to go through, so you’d better learn how to do it properly, just in case. The same goes for insisting on the investments you’d like your landlord to make before you move in – these don’t have to be a game-changer, but will certainly make your future home more welcoming.

Insisting on certain things you consider important and always knowing what you’re looking for in a future home is essential when you enter the home-hunting process. All tenants should keep in mind that they’re making the call and that their opinion matters the most, so the landlords have to respect their wishes and value their opinion.

Author Bio: Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is also a mum who likes to spend her free time with her daughter. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator (

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