August 9, 2017

After you market your property and garner interest in the rental unit, it is time to start showing the property to potential tenants. While handling a property showing may sound simple, if you don’t master this step of landlording, you can lose out on quality tenants. A bad property showing can turn people away and cost you time. If you struggle with property showings, check out these helpful tips for showing a rental property.

#1: It Starts Before The Showing

In order for a property showing to be a success, you need to prepare for the showing in advance. Simple things like clearing snow off sidewalks or pulling weeds that have cropped up in the walkway can make the property more appealing. Remember, you want people to be able to picture themselves as being at home in the rental unit. If the place looks run down and in disarray, it will be harder for them to see the best of the property. Go through the house and dust everything off. Make sure there is plenty of light in each room. Open up closet and cabinet doors. Air out the unit to make sure it smells fresh and looks clean. Use this walkthrough to replace any light bulbs that have gone out and to make note of any repairs you might have missed.

#2: Make A Great First Impression

Remember, when you are showing a rental property, potential tenants are not just interested in the unit, they are interested in what it will be like working with you as a landlord. Your first impression will go a long way in how they feel when they leave. Greet everyone warmly, even if you don’t immediately think they will be the right fit. Take the time to ask names and use their names as you show them around. Think of it from their perspective, would you be more likely to rent from the person who was professional and courteous or from someone who seemed annoyed by your presence. Even if you are having a bad day or you are exhausted from the process of turning over the unit, put it all aside during the showing.

#3: Show Off The Best

While you are showing the property, be sure you highlight the very best features. For example, if the property is located close to a popular attraction, mention that while giving the tour. If it has a fantastic backyard, show it off during your property tour. Take time to answer questions and never hurry the interested parties. Nothing is worse than arriving for a property showing and feeling like you don’t have the time to really look around. Be courteous while you show the property and open doors for your guests.

#4: Explain The Next Steps

If someone is interested in renting the property, make sure that you share what steps are next. Have some flyers handy as well to help keep your property top of mind. Remember, a lot of people will be looking at multiple properties and the easier you make it for the to apply for your property the better chance they will. Use an online rental application and provide the information they need to apply to the property. If you need to follow up with interested applicants, be sure you do so in a timely manner. A quick phone call, text, or email can help remind potential leads to fill out your application. Investing time in follow-up is a worthwhile endeavor as the more applicants you have, the better pool you have to select from.

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