August 15, 2017

Got a rental listing, that has gone cold faster than your cup of coffee? There are tons of new rental listings every hour on popular rental portals, which go unnoticed due to the pile of new listings on top of them. Posting an advertisement for putting your house on rent can be a boring and time taking exercise, as most house owners would rely on multiple websites to get a faster response. Being able to think of what your rental listing would need while you are asleep is what constitutes the secret sauce to writing a bestseller rental profile.

When you want to rent out property, you will need to compete for attention from prospective tenants. This competition is likely to be aggressive and more so when the neighborhood is not quite posh and you want to secure a tenant in the off-season. A tenant looking for a rental online will hardly spend a few seconds scrolling on your listing before he moves onto another one. This makes it important to create an attractive rental profile, which is eye-catching and that sells what needs to be sold.

The more the numbers of prospective renters on a particular platform, the better is your prospect of getting quality tenants. There are many popular websites and mobile apps today that, you can use to make sure renters are able to find you fast. Now renters can apply for apartments, sign leases and even pay rentals online – thanks to the wide range of online rental management solutions. Based on which tenant profile rents similar properties in your locality, you would have to customize your listing to meet their expectations. For example, if students are looking for rental terms and regulations that they must be aware of before signing the deal, then it makes sense to add that detail to your advertisement.

After closely observing the most popular rental listings, we cracked the secret sauce to create an attractive rental profile.

Choosing a Rental Management Solutions for your Rental Profile

Although you must focus on mobile apps and online portals, which are popular in your city, below is a list of Property Management Solutions that you can use to create an impressive rental profile.

  • Buildium - Using this all-in-one property management software you can manage multiple properties owned by you. This is recommended for high-end proprietors who are managing multiple properties spread out across the country. However, there is no free trial for this software and it starts at $150 per month.
  • Cozy – It offers free property-management solutions and is popular with property owners and property managers throughout the US. Many of Cozy’s rental management offerings are futuristic in nature.
  • Rentometer PRO – It is perhaps the fastest app to market rental listings and very effective for screening tenants. Getting to use PRO features for free for the first 5 reports is an added bonus. Compared to other listing platforms, one can get an advanced set of features to help you sell your listing better. These features would include Rent Analysis Report, Map Presentation, Detailed Property List, Statistics Reports customized for your neighborhood.
  • Airbnb – This unique web solution and mobile app allows you to showcase you rental listing so that guests can make bookings and message you online through the mobile app.
  • Online Rental Property Manager (ORPM) by AppGini – It is an open source free app for people managing rental properties, tenants, leases etc.
  • Rentec Direct – It is a useful app for smaller proprietors in charge of fewer properties making it hassle free with a simpler user interface.

The list above is one to give you a fair idea if you are new in posting your rental profile and selling it without an agent. In your city an ad, which sells a penthouse, will not suit a studio apartment. We would strongly recommend to go through a thorough research on the local rental listing apps and the local do’s and don’ts for your type of asset, which will help you succeed in property management.

Catchy Headlines For a 5 second Pitch

The best way to catch anyone’s attention on the Internet is to create a catchy headline. Without this, your renter is not even likely to go through the profile, regardless of how well you write it. The headline should be able to showcase exactly what your renter wants. You need not make it creative; it is simply the tool to inform renters that your property fits the bill. So, it should ideally contain what the renter is searching for in terms of price, rooms and location.

Description – Brief but relevant to your property

You need to tell the renter why your rental is unique and better than the rest. So, your description needs to focus on helping a renter visualize the apartment. You must highlight the most striking feature here so that your client finds it easy to remember your profile. So, you can describe the rental as urban or upscale, with skyline views or water views, with excellent schools in the neighborhood. Your description should not be too lengthy because your goal is to excite the reader just enough to book a visit.

Beyond Basic Amenities – Ultimate Selling Point

After informing renters about the basic amenities at your apartment, you can highlight additional details to help them make a choice faster. So, you can talk about outdoor space for families with pets and kids, along with property security arrangements. You can highlight the parks and shopping malls in the neighborhood, the schools and groceries. It helps to talk about the possible transport facilities available close to your property.

What is important is to share at least one unique and exciting detail that will convince him to consider your property. So, you could specify whether the property comes with a backyard or has landscape views, whether it has been recently renovated or if it is fully-furnished. Details like whether it has a walk-in-closet, a balcony or patio, appliances like washer-dryers and granite counter-tops etc may be included too. You could take the help of Rentalutions, which is premier software for property-management to make your listing visually appealing.

Specify Rents – No Hidden Costs

Once the renter is at your profile, you need to make it easy for him to take a decision in your favor. You can specify the rent amount and mention whether it includes the security deposit and utilities. You need to provide your contact details so that he can reach you easily. So, your rental profile is incomplete without a call-to-action. Your last line must invite the viewer to act immediately; you must ideally double check your contact details.

Include Photos – The Best Selling Element of Your Listing

Photos are the best way to market your rentals. Given the overwhelming numbers of online rental listings, it is hard to retain a tenant’s attention. Photos of all the main rooms, kitchen, outdoor space, etc. should be provided. The trick to making these photos click is to make sure they are captured, when there is enough sunlight. Even if you cannot afford a professional for the job, you can try to use photography angles that will make the photos look exceptional. You could even add finer touches to photos, like making creative towel arrangements before you take the bathroom photo.

Use Instagram - Make Your Listing Visible

When you have successfully created a rental profile, you must ensure that clients visit it as well. For this, you would need to upload high-resolution images that will catch the eye of the renter on a desktop. The best place for high definition images in the world today is Instagram. It is a popular online hangout app with a high number of active users in the world. When it is set-up effectively, one can use an impressive Instagram profile to sell off your rental listings in no time.

Once the Instagram account is ready, you can share your images with a link of your posting in the first comment. Many successful proprietors add a link to their rental profile from their Instagram profile. Similarly, it makes all sense to boast of a good Instagram profile, once you have nailed it. Add the Instagram profile link to your rental profile to add an icing on the cake. Since a renter may be searching for a property while on the go, you need to make your listing mobile-friendly.

Focus on Experience

While your prices and photos will bring renters to your profile, you need to be able to offer something more. It is important to convey to your readers the experience he will have in your rental rather than the bare property facts. Your description must try to sell every unique experience that your renter will enjoy when he moves in. When your viewer can actually visualize the place and imagine what he can do there, he is going to overlook mundane details.

When you know you cannot lure a renter through prices because there may be many others doing the same, the best way is to make him feel important. You must respond to his queries at the earliest and in a friendly manner. So, if you want to rent out your property on Airbnb for instance, you can connect via Facebook. Airbnb will get a list all your friends having Airbnb profiles and this helps to make your profile appear legit. You can even get your friends to write recommendations in favor of your property.

About the Author: Bella Williams: As an avid blogger, Bella contributes to smart online solutions for the new age millennials. She is also an academic tutor at Assignment Essay Help and loves to help students with their assignments, essays and projects.

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