December 18, 2017

For most landlords and property managers, 2018 will bring at least one rental vacancy. When it comes to filling that vacacy, you will need to focus on a solid marketing plan.

If you want to master advertising your rental property in 2018, the following useful tips will help you become a true pro.

1: Take Your Marketing Online

If you don’t currently market your property online, 2018 is the year to start doing so. Renters are looking less and less to places like newspapers and yard signs to find a rental and are instead turning to online rental listing sites.

Make sure you are on every major listing website from Zillow to Craigslist and the localized websites in between. Not only should you have a strong online marketing plan, you should also have a beautiful property listing webpage that you can send to anyone you interact with who might be interested in your property.

Pro Tip: Simplify your online marketing by utilizing a free one-click listing service. Create your property listing once with TurboTenant, turn marketing on, and your property will be found on dozens of major listing sites.

2: Highlight Tech Features

One of the biggest trends in the rental market is an increased demand for in-home tech features. If your property doesn’t have any tech features, think about implementing them over the course of the next year. This can be anything from the simple installation of a smart thermostat to something complex like a smart security system.

If your rental property has any tech features, be sure you include them in the property listing. Make a bulleted list that stands out and helps your rental have better value than others in the area.

For example, you might include the following section in your property listing.

Enjoy the following tech-friendly features when you rent this property:

  • USB outlets for easy device charging
  • Smart thermostats to improve energy savings
  • Smart locks you can control from anywhere  to ensure you never forget to lock up (or get locked out)

3: Improve Your Photo Gallery

If you spend any time perusing the internet, you will find that articles, social sharing, and other forms of media implement a large amount of visual features. The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words seems to only become truer each day.

If it has been a while since you updated your property’s photo gallery, you currently don’t have photos, or the photos you have are low-quality, focus energy on improving your gallery.

Visit your property on a sunny day. The best opportunity will be to take photos when the property is vacant. Take photos of every room in the house from different angles. Snap pictures of the property’s best features, such as new appliances, smart thermostats, big closets, etc.

The more complete your gallery the better. Not only will this attract a greater number of applicants, it will help save you time. Someone who sees every room, the backyard, the appliances, and other details through a photo gallery will have a better idea of whether or not they are interested in the property. This will save you from showing the property to people who aren’t going to be interested when, for example, they see the small kitchen.

4: Market Yourself

Part of your marketing strategy should be to market yourself. While the property will play a large role in how many interested applicants you find, you as the landlord or property manager will also play a role in the attractiveness of the property.

One of the keys to marketing yourself effectively is to make communication extremely simple and fast. Potential renters will lose interest in your property if you do not communicate quickly with them. Even something as simple as accepting text messages about the property will increase the number of renters interested in the property.

From the moment you first meet a potential applicant, put your best foot forward. Just as you are vetting tenants, tenants are vetting you. People don’t want to sign a lease with someone they don’t trust or treats them rudely. Think about it from the perspective of a potential renter and treat applicants the way you would want to be treated.

Make 2018 the best year yet for your rental business and implement these important marketing tactics during the upcoming year.

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