November 18, 2019
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Updated September 15, 2020

We love fielding your questions! We learn a lot about what our customers like, don’t like and where we can make improvements. We know our rent comp tool is pretty easy to use, but questions come up all the time.  Here are the questions we get the most:


1. Are utilities included in the rent amount that Rentometer provides? 
We do not consistently pick up utility data so we don’t distinguish if utilities are included or not. We also don’t include information about amenities or whether or not they are included in the rent.

2. Is there a way that I can offer Rentometer Pro reports to my clients or website traffic?
Yes, you can use Rentometer LeadGen.  Rentometer LeadGen will capture valuable information from your website visitors, and let you provide your current clients with professional rent analysis reports - 24 hours a day! It does the work for you! All the rent analysis reports are fully branded with your logo and contact information. LeadGen provides a valuable incentive for prospective and current clients to engage with you, and we serve you the new leads! Learn more & try Demo.

3. What does the Percentile data mean on the Pro report?
Next to the Average and Median data points on the PRO report, you will see “25th percentile” and “75th percentile”.  Simply put, if you were to line up all the rent comps that Rentometer evaluated (for your search) from lowest rents to highest rents (0-100%), we give you what the rent is at the 25th percentile mark and the 75th percentile mark. Typically the rents that are below the 25th mark are the lower rents, and the rents above the 75th are rents on the higher side. Rents that fall between 25-75% are typically the more reasonable rents.

4. There is an outlier in your data that is skewing the results. How can I remove it?
Our system is designed to remove outliers.  In any given analysis, we may remove 1 or 2 data points that have a large deviation from the average. That said, occasionally we either miss an outlier, or there can be 4 “outlier” listings which in that case our system does not treat them as outliers.  We've talked about giving users the ability to remove outliers (or other specific properties), however, we don't want users to be able to change the objective analysis that we provide.  We do offer our users the ability to download our data to CSV where they can then remove the data in Excel for further analysis.

5. How can I see all the rent data that Rentometer used in the analysis and not just a sample of the data? 
Users may notice at the top of their Pro report “Results based on 95, 2-bedroom rentals seen within 12 months in a 1-mile radius.” and then notice that we’ve only provided 25 sample listings. We understand that some of our users would like all the data that we use in our analysis. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, it’s not practical for us to provide more than a sample of the data/listings (i.e. For security reasons, users looking to use our data to replicate products, etc.).

6. Rentometer is listing my rent lower than it actually is.  Can you update my rent?
Users occasionally contact us to let us know that we have the incorrect rent for their unit. Typically if our rent is lower than what they’ve leased it for it’s because their rental is a nicer property with more/newer amenities, or slightly more sq ft., etc. which can all contribute to yielding higher rent. We encourage users to contact us with rent updates. Rentometer will always conduct a review of the rental and surrounding property rents and update the data point when needed.

7. Does Rentometer have an API?
Rentometer's API is now available to Standard subscribers of Rentometer PRO.

You can get more information here: 

8. Is there a way to process more than one report at a time?
Yes, Rentometer Pro users have access to our Batch Analysis tool. It’s a really easy way to access rent statistics for up to 100 properties all at once. The user uploads a list of properties and in less than a minute, results are downloadable in a CSV file.  Batches are saved in the user’s account and can be edited and re-run in the future. 

Email if you want more information. 

9. How do I set up my custom branding so that my logo and business name appear on my reports?
Simply fill out this customer branding request form and Rentometer will setup your branding within 24 hours. You will then be able to create rent reports with your business logo and contact info presented right at the top!

10. Why isn't any data showing up for my search?
Though it is rare, you may receive a “Not enough results in that location” message from us after requesting a rent comp.  In most cases, this is because the user has set the Max-Age, Radius and/or Building Type filters too tightly.  We recommend that you start with less restrictive filters to get a sense for the amount of rent data in the area, and then tighten the filters from there. Start with Max-Age at 12 months, Radius set to “Auto” and Building Type to “All”. Unless your address is in a remote or rural area (where our rental data may be limited), loosening the filters should do the trick.

11. Are my reports saved? How can I access previously run reports?
Pro users can access and download their reports by clicking on the My Reports link in the top navigation. 

12. What is a Moving Average? (4Q Moving Average)
Pro users will notice two data sets (2 lines) on the Historical Trend Line graph (available on Pro reports). The blue line is the average rents overtime for their specific search and the orange line is the 4Q Moving Average.  The 4Q Moving Average is an average of the rents for the last four quarters. You would use a moving average to smooth out anomalies that can occur due to seasonality. This moving average usually has less dramatic movement, tends to be a smoother line, and can be a better indicator of real average rent over time.


13. Where does Rentometer get its data?
Though we don't give out specific names of our sources, Rentometer collects rental listing data and rent data from a variety of sources including bulk syndicated data, our proprietary rental data survey, and user-generated input and listings of rental data. New data is added every day including new records and updates of existing records as they become available.


14. Why can’t I filter my search by the number of bathrooms?
Bathroom count is not always included in the rent data that we capture, so we can’t offer this as a filter at this time.  However, we do provide bathroom information in the sample listings (when it’s available), so once you run the report you can see the bathroom counts in the listings.  Also, you can manually filter by bathroom these two ways: 1. Downland the report to CSV and filter by bathroom count in Excel (CSV link is directly under the map) or 2. Click on the small gray arrows on the data headers in the sample listings (directly below map). If you click on these arrows, you can sort the sample data by the bathroom (and all the other header categories like sq. footage, listing date, etc.).


15. Does Rentometer have rent data for every state in the U.S.? How about Canada?
Yes, our data coverage is national. Our volume of data is proportional to the volume of rentals in any given market. Urban areas and metropolitan centers tend to have more data because there is greater rental activity and density. Suburban and rural areas tend to have less data because there is less rental activity and rentals are dispersed over a larger area.  We are officially only in the U.S. however we do pick up data for some of the major metros in Canada.  If you are interested in Canadian rent data, we suggest that you sign up for our free trial and test us out in the areas that you’re interested in.


16. When I use the Share feature/icon to email someone a Pro report, they don't seem to get the full report.
Our Share feature has some limitations.  Currently, when you share a Pro report, the person you are emailing the report to has to have a PRO subscription to see the full report.  Otherwise, they will see a truncated version that we used to offer for free.  Also, the current Share feature doesn't allow you to share the report with your branding on it.  At this time, your best option to share reports with others (with or without your branding) is to go to the My Reports section (under My Account), save the pdf of the report to your computer and email it from there.  We will be adding new features to the My Reports section soon so that you will be able to email, tweet, post, and print report pdfs, with or without your branding.

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