May 11, 2018

Updated May 20, 2020

Do you dream of becoming a landlord one day? Do you want to know what it's all about? Well, if you're going to become a landlord or property investor, there are a couple of things that you need to know.

Although you may not learn everything, going deeper into the industry is the best way to succeed in real estate and property management. A majority of landlords will tell you that there are some start-up requirements they wished were clearer.

Here, we'll go through some of these crucial factors. Of course, some are awful while others are interesting. Let's take a closer look!

Your Books Of Accounts May Not Always Balance!

Do you admire seeing neat spreadsheets with steady revenues and figures? If so, then you should probably try your luck elsewhere as owning homes is not for you. As a landlord, the statistics don't match as you may want them to.

What consumes a good chunk of your budget? Well, apart from an increase in property taxes, you'll also have to deal with situations such as:

• Broken pipes

• Annual maintenance

• Surprise or emergency costs

To ensure that you stay ahead of such expenses, you must come up with an accurate budget. However, if you encounter any challenges, look for the services of an accountant. He or she will tell you when your revenues are high or low.

Renters Can Cause Serious Damage

Most landlords will tell you that it's okay to lose control or maybe be bearable. As you start, it's quite painful and even scary, having strangers residing in a place that you own. In many cases, you'll end up asking yourself questions like, Who are they? Will they destroy something?

Well, you're probably right to worry as they won't care and maintain your property the way that you would. Yes! They'll break a couple of things. However, if you have a well-thought-of plan, you'll be quite okay.

You'll need to learn how to be an efficient landlord because a lot of breakages happen when you 'forget' about your property. So, ensure that you visit the premise as many times as possible and have a space in your budget that caters to emerging issues and expenses.

Property Sales Are Never Stable

Profits of a particular property depend on some factors, with real estate taxes playing a considerable role. What's so unfortunate is that such fees are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Governments raise tax rates with hardly any notice.

According to Holly Johnson, an experienced landlord, owning rentals was a scary and huge surprise. Johnson says that the process was "a week full of stress and a night of tears.”

Johnson even recalls that the first time they opened their property bill of tax, it had increased by 300%. Yes! This situation is quite extreme, but it shows the extent of your expenses.

Therefore, as you approach this field of work, you should be ready for such surprises. Most importantly, learn how to adapt like Holly Johnson. Eventually, she adjusted her rental rate to make her business more profitable. However, she had to wait for the expiration of her yearly lease.

Conduct a Thorough Tenant Screening Process!

Waiting for when you have to pursue legal action to evict your tenant is not advisable. Such a person might be a criminal who's managed to hide his or her crimes. So, if you fail to capture some of these illegal activities, you'll go through a strict process of evicting the person.

In any case, it's quite expensive extracting a tenant, cleaning and marketing the property as well as finding a suitable replacement.

Why don't you save on such heartbreak by making tenant screening a priority? Have a strategic screening system, and you'll enjoy being a property owner!

In your strategic tenant screening process, ensure that you've captured essential information such as:

• Income      

• Job stability

• Credit history

• Criminal background

A Landlord Can Work At Any Time!

"The life of a landlord is more impromptu than expected," these are the words of Erin Eberlin, a successful property investor. It's not the kind of work where you go in the morning and return home at 5:00 in the evening. Instead, you may work for one hour on certain days and fifteen hours in others.

Well, some people feel that this general schedule can be somewhat frustrating. It does make planning for the future quite unstable. However, any qualified landlord knows how to turn this into an advantage.

When work is 'low,' you can visit the gym during the day or take the day off to relax and unwind. Just like a freelance paper writer, it's quite easy to shift tasks around because there's no one to command you around. All in all, it's up to you to find the pros in this setup.

Becoming a Landlord is Quite Rewarding

A majority of people don't know that despite the many stress factors that come with owning and renting a property, being a landlord is highly satisfying, plus you save a lot of money too! There's something quite gratifying when you provide shelter for a needy family. Besides, it's also one of the best financial investments as real estate keeps on appreciating.


What should you always keep in mind? Well, if you're starting as a landlord, remember that you can't do it all by yourself. Statistics show that 73% of landlords are individuals, couples, individuals, or groups of people. Seek help from experienced realtors and learn how they've stayed in the business of real estate.

Being a landlord is one of the most comfortable jobs that you can do. It's an opportunity that you wouldn't want to pass up!

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