Posted: January 22, 2020

You can now offer new and returning visitors to your website high quality, professional rent analysis report without leaving your website.


The Rentometer LeadGen Widget will help you improve your rental housing business by:
  • Engaging prospective customers and clients with a valuable rent analysis report
  • Offering current customers a valuable, self-service tool for checking rents
  • Delivering a professional rent analysis customized for your business
  • Being fully automated so you can generate leads for your business 24/7
The Rentometer LeadGen Widget is fully functional and is available as a beta version as we complete our internal development and testing.  Current features include:
  • Easy to install widget code
  • Automatic email every time you get a new lead
  • "My Leads" dashboard to access Leads and review activity
  • Reports are customized with your logo and contact information
  • Fully automated 24/7
  • Auto-refill so you never run out of Leads


The Rentometer LeadGen Widget is available today under our Beta Program. 

We are providing an opportunity to use our LeadGen tool for free until 02/29/2020 with up to a total of 50 free rent leads. 

To enroll in the Beta Program, contact us at

We expect to release our Rentometer LeadGen Widget from Beta in February 2020.  There is an FAQ section below that will help you evaluate implementing the LeadGen Widget beyond the Beta program.

Let Rentometer do your lead generation work for you! 




Rentometer LeadGen – Standard Plan (coming Feb 2020)

Once Rentometer LeadGen is released out of Beta, our Standard Price plan will be implemented. 

Below are FAQ’s that will help you evaluate implementing Rentometer LeadGen beyond the Beta program.

Q:  What is the expected release date?

A:  We expect to release the Rentometer LeadGen Widget in February 2020


Q:  How will the Rentometer LeadGen Widget be priced?

A:  The pricing will be an annual subscription fee of $199 and that price will include 75 Leads.


Q:  Can additional Leads be purchased beyond the initial 75 Leads?

A:  Yes.  Additional Leads can be purchased for $99 for an additional 75 Leads.


Q:  Will unused Leads roll-over?

A:  Yes.  All unused Leads will be roll-over each year as long as the LeadGen subscription is active.


Q:  Can the Rent Reports sent to my leads be customized?

A:  Yes.  The Rent Reports are customized with your logo and contact information.


Have any further questions regarding LeadGen? Contact us at