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Rentometer provides helpful tools for analyzing and determining the right rent for your investment or rental property by analyzing recent rental listings in the surrounding neighborhood. .



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Rentometer can now deliver our rent analysis faster than ever! Customers receive a "QuickView" with the key rent statistics for their search, - and the full PRO report is just a click away for those that need a more detailed analysis. We made this upgrade to improve the speed of our report results, and also to help users stay better organized by not cluttering the My Reports section with unwanted reports. For many users, the QuickView is all the information they need. All-Pro subscriptions include unlimited Quickview searches for fast access to key rent metrics. If a user needs more detailed information, they simply click the green "View Pro Report" button to see the full rent analysis. We have different subscriptions based on the number of full rent reports that you need. We want you to have the PRO plan that's right for your business!


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How to Read Pro Report

This presentation will help you navigate how to read a Rentometer Pro Report after entering your address search.

Highlights include: * What The Percentiles Mean * The Historical Trend Line * QuickView * Google Search Results & Google Street View


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Summary Stats & Percentiles

The summary stats and percentiles give you a great overview of the neighborhood where your property is located. You have access to these stats on the QuickView or Pro reports. You can determine the average, median, or high rent using the summary stats and how your property compares.


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Historical Trend Line

The historical trend line provides historical rental data for a property going back 24 months. This gives you years worth of data in one chart. You can compare the current year with how rents performed over time and understand seasonality and neighborhood trends.


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Average Rent by Bedroom Chart

The average bedroom type graph shows you the year-over-year rents across all bedroom types so you can compare all types in one report. This shows you a quick snapshot of how rents have changed over the last year.


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Summary Statistics and Rent Distribution Charts

The stats table provides more information about the data sample. The rent distribution shows the rent based on those data samples. Depending on the sample you’ll see where other properties fall into which rent range based on this data set.


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Map and Sample Listings

The map and sample listings show you the subject property you searched but also the other properties used in the data set. You can see on the map where the properties are located. The sample listing gives you more information on how they compare to your property.


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Property Detail Report

The property details reports show you compiled data taken from many public listings. They include local taxes, sales information, and info about the property size which can help you analyze the property from one place.


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Auto Radius Feature

The auto radius feature is built into the Rentometer report search function. It automatically searches the comps closest to your rental. This gives you as much accurate rental information that is closest to your property. If you want a larger or smaller sample size you can adjust the radius feature. Starting with the auto radius feature will give you the best search results the first time.


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