Rental Market Analysis

Looking to better understand your rental market or a potential location for your next investment property? The following articles will help you determine what rents are going for in selected markets and what to be prepared for when investing in an unfamiliar area.

Distressed Property Comparison – Primary vs. Secondary Market

We evaluated two properties, one in Philadelphia, PA (primary market) and another in Camden, NJ (secondary market). The goal was to highlight the different opportunities and risks based upon the...

How to Price Your Rental in the Large Primary Market of Los Angeles

Here are pointers on how to price your rental in Los Angeles, following a proven process that applies to any large primary market.

How to Price Your Rental in a Tertiary Market – Cleveland

You can find profitable investment opportunities in tertiary markets. Here are 6 tips for evaluating rent in a tertiary market.

How to Price Your Rental in a Mid-Size Secondary Market – Atlanta

We've been digging into different rental markets to show how local knowledge and neighborhood comparables are key drivers to price your rental

Rent Madness 2021—A Rental Tournament You Don’t Want to Miss!

While there's always excitement in the air for some big tournament drama, real estate investors also have their spring buzz catching momentum with rent madness and…new rental properties hitting the...

State City Rent Comparisons - Denver vs. Colorado Springs

In our first state/city comparison let's explore which area see better returns for the rental property investor – Denver or Colorado Springs?

How Residential Real Estate Will Shift as Renters Trade Urban Living for Suburban

As the global pandemic continues, residential real estate will shift as more renters will trade urban, crowded cities for suburban, spacious areas. These areas offer a lower cost of living for more...

State City Rent Comparisons - Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the state's two largest metropolitan areas and active rental markets. What is the rent trend in these markets?

Rental Comparisons for Cities within Texas - Houston vs. Dallas vs. Austin

The saying “Everything is bigger in Texas,” while colloquial, applies as do a rental comparison in the second-largest state in the U.S.

Q1 Market Update: Rental Rates in 4 Top Metro Areas

Looking at rental rates from the Q1 market update, indications signal ongoing recovery this year as housing sales and prices continue to increase.

Rentometer Year-Over-Year Snapshot: Indianapolis, IN

The subject of today's snapshot is the downtown neighborhood of Indianapolis, IN. Based upon our analysis, the year-over-year rents average rents in the downtown neighborhood are a mixed bag from...

Understanding the Rental Market in Washington DC

Washington, D.C. is a unique metropolitan area. In a way, it is a city-state ruled by Congress with an individual legislative agenda. It attracts young upstarts from around the country who dream...

Understanding the Rental Market in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area offers both tranquil suburban living and bustling city excitement. Hundreds of people flock to this stunning metropolitan region every year to attend school, enjoy...

Understanding the Rental Market in San Francisco

Everyone will agree that SF Bay Area is among the best cities for entrepreneurs, but at the same time, it becomes more and more clear that you’ve got to be really wealthy to be able to rent in San...

Understanding the Rental Market in Chicago

In our post, we’ll try to make a comprehensive review of the Chicago long-term rental market, general trends, and highlight the best local neighborhoods of Chicago Metro Area. 

5 Raleigh Neighborhoods Where Rent is Increasing the Most

Known for its serene environment and being one of the leading technology hubs in the United States, the City of Raleigh hosts a cluster of renowned research centers and universities.

Understanding the Rental Market in Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love is one of the most expensive places to rent in the U.S. Last year, in line with the national trends, Philly's median home value and rent rose by a couple of points, while...

Rental Trends and Market Analysis in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is arguably famous around the world, even to people who never visit it. Landlords are understandably drawn to the LA rental market. However, they must understand what to expect before...

How to Manually Calculate Your Property’s Cash-On-Cash [COC] Return

As a real estate investor, you need to understand all of the costs that factor into buying, fixing, owning, and operating a rental property. Without assessing these numbers, you won’t have a clear...