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How It Works

Collect qualified leads 24/7 with our Lead Generation tool
You offer business prospects a rent report using your Lead Link or Lead Button
Prospects enter their information
The rent report is emailed to them and their contact info is added to your Lead Dashboard

Rentometer gives you two ways to offer prospects a rent report. Use our easy Lead Link or our website-friendly Lead Button.

Lead Link
A custom URL for you to share
Lead Link Image
Your Lead Link is a custom URL that brings visitors to a rent report request form. Share your link anywhere - including your email signature, marketing emails, and social media. Prospects click your link to request a rent report and you’ll collect quality leads.

Implementation info

  • Level of difficulty: Easy - no technical experience required
  • How to implement: Generate your link in seconds and start sharing immediately.
Lead Button
A button to add to your website
Lead Button Image
Your Lead Button is a customizable “Free Rent Report” button to add to your website. Prospects click your button to request their rent report and you’ll collect quality leads.

Implementation info

  • Level of difficulty: Easy for website managers (copy and paste code)
  • How to implement: Copy and paste our script into the HTML source code on your website.
Live Demo

View our Lead Generation tool through the lens of your prospects. Simply enter your information and we will email you a rent report.


Automated Leads
  • Collect leads 24/7 with your Lead Link or Lead Button
Custom Branded Rent Report
  • Prospects will receive a high quality rent report, custom branded with your logo and contact information.
Lead Dashboard
  • Incoming leads automatically populate in your Lead Dashboard.

Requirements and Pricing

  • A Pro subscription
  • Pro Reports Each rent report requested by a prospect = One (1) Pro Report
  • Subscribers can view their Pro Report balance in My Account

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