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"I have found Rentometer to be a very valuable tool when assessing market rent. The reports produced by simply entering an address, number of bedrooms and type of property results in a very user-friendly comparative market analysis presentation that makes conversations with owners about their rental property values much easier."
Alex C.
Broker / CPM
"I signed on to Rentometer PRO and I love it! While no comparison tool is 100% accurate, I love that it helps me to narrow down the local rental market in my area more accurately than the national tools that are available. I highly recommend Rentometer for any landlord no matter how big or small."
Lori S.
Property Owner
"I think you are an awesome website with a great tool. You help me keep things fair and reasonable with my rental that is over 3000 miles from where I live! I had a good landlord back when I was renting and I try to be one too. You help me do that!"
Laura H.
"As a landlord, I really like this site and find it very useful. This year I am sending some tenants a print out with our lease renewals to show them that their units are reasonably priced."
Wendy A.
"My firm has utilized Rentometer for many years now. It has been a valuable tool to help us identify current rents and ongoing rental trends. This has benefited our many owners, as well as residents, as we've used it to show all sides of what a fair market rent is and should be."
Chris J.
Principal Broker-Owner
"I'm a multifamily property appraiser for county government. I use Rentometer regularly to check the reasonableness of "actual" rents reported to me. It is a great tool!"
Steve D.
Property Appraiser
"Rentometer helped me so much! We were going to rent a house we renovated for $750 and thanks to Rentometer, we rented it for $1,000. They have forms you can use and valuable information!"
Mary L.
Property Owner
"Thanks for providing a great source for rental comps. I am using your site to analyze areas to see where I would like to invest in."
Alina B.
"Thank you Rentometer for all of the services you provide. We know that we can trust and rely on the information provided on your website to contribute to our decision making process. As investors we are deeply appreciative of your website and all the details it provides. We look forward to staying with Rentometer for many years to come!"
Richard B.