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Knowing the market rent is critical in making sound real estate decisions
Whether you're paying rent or collecting it, Rentometer is the first stop for renters and real estate professionals who want to understand what rent prices are like in their market
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Our Mission

We believe that reliable rental price data should be easily accessible to everyone. Rental price data is essential to making informed real estate decisions quickly and with confidence.
That's why we provide instant rental analyses, rent comps, and property information to renters and a wide spectrum of real estate professionals.


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How It Works

how it works
Over the last 15 years, Rentometer has methodically built a sophisticated rental data system – including rental data collections, surveys, data staging, and data analysis. We collect and analyze approximately 10 million rental records per year by deploying a mix of automated rental data collection systems and our specially trained rent researchers.
Every single record goes through our proprietary, state of the art data staging process to ensure accuracy when we deliver to renters and real estate professionals.

Our Backstory

Rentometer has been collecting, analyzing, and delivering rent reports since 2006. By 2012, Rentometer had built interest from the market, but was in need of a fresh start. That’s when Michael Lapsley and Torrence Harder stepped in. With their combined backgrounds as proptech executives and investors, they recognized an opportunity to build a new business serving real estate professionals and renters alike.
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With a seasoned proptech management team, an infusion of new capital, and all of the original Rentometer technology, Rentometer as we now know it was born. This new venture was established to provide the best rental data and information to renters and real estate professionals. With the help of our hard-working and dedicated team, we strive each day to make that vision a reality.


Michael J. Lapsley
Co-founder and President
Mike Lapsley is a seasoned proptech veteran with over 25 years experience serving the rental housing industry. Prior to Rentometer, Mike was the CEO of RentGrow, a technology leader in rental housing that provided leading edge, automated resident screening systems. Mike oversaw the successful acquisition and transition of RentGrow by Yardi Systems. Prior to RentGrow, Mike worked in accounting, finance, and operations for several entrepreneurial ventures in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Mike holds a BS in Business Management and Accounting from the University of Lowell.
Torrence C. Harder
Co-founder and Executive Chairman
Torrey Harder has been investing in entrepreneurial companies for over forty years. Torrey founded Harder Management Company, Inc. to help individuals and small businesses invest in young, growing companies. To date, Torrey and Harder Management have founded and ventured sixteen companies. Torrey attended Cornell University receiving a BA with Honors in the Philosophy of Economic Thought and an MBA with Honors from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Corporate Headquarters

Our corporate headquarters is located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts.
Boston, MA
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