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PRO Benefits

1 Year of Access | Unlimited QuickView | 200 PRO Credits | 200 API Credits


Current. Local. Rents

  • Imagine having access to local rents, comps, trends, and property details whenever you need it.
  • Take advantage of QuickViews to determine if a rent is reasonable.
  • Save your Pro credits, property reports are saved for future reference, no need to run a new one.
  • Dig deeper into the Pro report to add rental amenities and see how your property stacks up.
  • Analyze addresses, neighborhoods, and zip codes instantly.
  • See historical rental trends for any given area.
  • Run batch reports for your properties or any property and save them in Rentometer.
  • Use the LeadGen widget to attract new clients by offering a free rent report on your website.
  • Utilize the Rentometer API to integrate rent data within your app.

PRO Standard | Features for Business

Research and Analysis

  • QuickView

    Unlimited access to current, local rent metrics are included with your active account.

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  • Batch Analysis

    Analyze up to 100 properties together. Upload your list and get a batch of rent stats in seconds.

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  • Rent Trends

    Analyze rent trends in an area with the Historical Trend Line chart included in PRO rent reports.

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  • Street View

    Explore the conditions of a property and its surroundings with the integrated Street View button.

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  • Property Details

    Access specific information like rental history, purchase price and year built by clicking the Property Details button.

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Sales and Marketing

  • Custom Branding

    Customize your PRO rent reports with your own business logo and contact information.

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  • My Reports

    Conveniently access and share your past rent analyses from a personal My Reports area.

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  • LeadGen Widget

    Install our widget on your website to offer visitors a free, professional rent report and collect leads.

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  • LeadGen Link

    Collect leads by sharing a custom link that brings visitors to a hosted web page with your branding and widget.

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  • Report Sharing

    Easily share your custom branded reports with multiple people. The “share” email is custom branded with your logo and contact info. Also, you can include a custom message in the email.

Rentometer API (New)

Connect your application to the best rent data with the new Rentometer API. 200 API Credits included with PRO Standard. Learn more

Zapier Integration(beta) Do you use Zapier to automate your business? Use Rentometer's API with Zapier to add rental data to GMail, Slack, Excel, Google Sheets, Salesforce and more.

You need information about the rental market.
PRO has answers.

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Who Uses Rentometer PRO?

  • Real Estate Investor

    Easily analyze any rental for the best ROI with Rentometer PRO

    Quickly determine if a rental property is worth buying. Analyze your cash flow and return on investment. Find comparable rental data to stay competitive in your local rental market and earn a profit.

  • Property Managers

    Keep your units cash flowing with Rentometer PRO

    Stay on top of your local market with every move-in and move-out. Determine if renovations can add to your rental rates and earn you more. Attract new clients by offering rental reports for free.

Custom Branding
The Professional Look

Simply upload your business logo and contact info for personalized rent reports that are ready to share.

Right: Sample PRO report with custom branding

PRO Standard

Special first-year discount for new customers

Learn About the Power of the PRO Rent Report

Watch this short tutorial to learn about the information packed into the PRO rent report. You'll be amazed you invested and managed your business without it!

Rentometer Property Details Report

Dig into comps with Property Details

As a real estate professional, you know the devil is in the details. And we know when evaluating rental property, accurate information is crucial, so we include property details for comps used in every PRO rent reports. Watch this short video to learn more.

Welcome to Your My Reports Area

Access and share past rent analyses

We conveniently save your PRO rent reports in a personal My Reports area for fast and easy retrieval and sharing anytime.

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What Clients are Saying About Rentometer PRO

Investor Reviews

Customer Testimonials

Investor Testimonial

I’ve been using [Rentometer] for a long time! This has been my favorite tool. When I look at a new area and I’m not familiar with the housing prices and studying it to become a neighborhood expert, this is my go to tool!

Professional Testimonial

When we do not have access to the MLS in a market, then we use Rentometer to determine what are monthly rents in a given market. In Rentometer you can filter on bedrooms, bathrooms, and time period. Then It will provide you median rents for a certain area as well as the individual properties and apartment units.

Broker Testimonial

I have found Rentometer to be a very valuable tool when assessing market rent. The reports produced by simply entering an address, number of bedrooms and type of property results in a very user-friendly comparative market analysis presentation that makes conversations with owners about their rental property values much easier.

Appraiser Testimonial

I'm a multifamily property appraiser for county government. I use Rentometer regularly to check the reasonableness of "actual" rents reported to me. It is a great tool!

PRO Standard

Special first-year discount for new customers