Rentometer API 



Rentometer offers an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows customers to access our rent data seamlessly via a system-to-system connection.  Our API customers can “call” Rentometer data on an as-needed basis and request rent statistics for specific addresses using custom filters that returns quality rent statistics.

What can Rentometer’s API provide for you?
• System-to-system connection to quality rent data, on-demand 24/7
• Seamless integration of rent data into your application or other systems
• Cost-effective, “pay as you go” pricing model
• Rent data at scale for your applications & analytical tools


The Rentometer API is available to our PRO Standard subscribers and each PRO Standard subscription includes 500 API Credits (one API Credit = one API Call). Additional API Credits can be purchased according to the pricing table below.


Rentometer API Pricing Table

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API Credits

Purchase Price


Included with PRO Standard Subscription

1,000  1,500


2,500  3,750


5,000  7,500



Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use have been updated to accommodate new provisions for the Rentometer API. All PRO Standard customers that download an API Key for the Rentometer API will be required to acknowledge and agree to the Rentometer Terms of Use including the provisions related to the Rentometer API. The Rentometer Terms of Use can be found here:


Getting Started

The following steps will help you get started with the Rentometer API:

1. Log into your PRO Standard account. Note: If you do not have a PRO Standard subscription then you can sign up here:

2. Once logged into your PRO Standard account, visit the Rentometer API settings page here:

3. Click on the "Terms of Use" link to review and acknowledge the Terms of Use. Once the Terms of Use are acknowledged, then your API key will be generated.

Once you have your API key, you are ready to go. The Rentometer API settings page provides the input parameters required, input samples, and output samples. You can also monitor your API Credit balance and purchase additional API Credits from the Rentometer API settings page.

Watch: Rentometer API with Zapier Connection Video Demo

View: API Specification and Technical Information


Please contact us at if you have additional questions or would like more information.

Thank you.

The Rentometer Team.