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AAOA & Rentometer Present: Real Estate Investing Roundtable

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 [45 minutes] 

Join us for a special live roundtable event with real estate industry experts. Discover their tips and methods for identifying and profiting from rental investment properties. Hosted by former CBS anchor Meaghan Corson. Sponsored by Rentometer.

This is not like other open mic events at your local Real Estate Investing Association (REIA). 

We’ve asked real estate industry experts like: 

Gino Barbaro

Michael Lapsley

David Pere

Tracy Ma 

Meaghan Corson - Host

To help us understand the key topics all investors must know to be successful, we will be discussing different real estate investing styles like buying and holding, flipping, wholesaling, multifamily, commercial, and residential investing. 

Along with the different real estate investment opportunities, we’ll discuss:

•           How to find deals- specific tips for evaluating deals and deals to stay away from

•           Where to invest- preference for primary, secondary, or rural markets

•           How to measure your success- the number of successful deals, the value of a portfolio, and more. 

•           Rules of thumb to help investors make quick decisions

•           Deal metrics recommend for ROI or cash-on-cash returns

•           Setting budgets for purchases, renovations, and other costs

•           House hacking and can you do that will no or little money down

•           Mortgages and should you rely on cash

•           Utilizing hard money lenders

•           Property management pros and cons

•           And much more. 

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