July 27, 2018
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The process of knowing the average rental rates for an area can be time consuming and even unreliable if the resources you’re using aren’t current or well managed. Checking real estate sites, making phone calls and even scanning the current rental ads is not a good use of anyone’s time, but thanks to the new app Rentometer Express, it is no longer the only way to determine the current rental market rates anywhere in the United States.

How It Works

Rentometer Express is a very simple tool to help anyone learn more about rental rates in a specific location. All you need to do is download the free app to begin your search. Enter an address, the rent amount and the number of bedrooms that you are interested in and the app does the rest for you. Instantly, you are shown a graphic displaying the rental range in the area and how your rental amount compares to what is on the market.

If you are satisfied with the information then your work is done, and in just a few seconds. However, there is a learn more button if you are still curious. This will show you the average rental cost in the area as well as offer you a map to check out the different options.

A Priceless Tool for Anyone

Rentometer is a valuable time saving tool for apartment renters, landlords, property managers, and real estate investors and professionals. Each person who uses this app is going to save time when compiling reliable rental pricing information.

  • Apartment Renters - Scanning online ads for apartments used to be the only way to find available rentals. The down side of that was you might miss out on a great house for rent as it didn’t have a large ad, or your search didn’t include rental homes. The Rentometer Express app will quickly compile a list of all types of rentals available in your desired location that meet your rent and bedroom criteria. If you see something that you like, then just click over to the map and you will see the exact location of the property. It has never been easier to find a new place to rent, and a resource that offered such complete and up-to-date information.
  • Landlords and Property Manager - Empty rental units are a landlord or property manager’s worst nightmare. Not only are those vacant units not making you money, but they are costing you money as you are paying for maintenance and even utilities. With the very competitive rental market in most of the country, attracting a quality tenant can be difficult. It is critical to set the rental price at a fair rate and to know what the competition is offering. In the past, that meant driving around to look at other properties or spending hours combing through the rental listings. Now, Rentometer Express offers property managers and landlords the ability to instantly know what the current average rental is in any given location in the country.
  • Real Estate Investors - Knowledge of the current market is critical to making a good investment in real estate. However, no one can have that intimate working knowledge of the entire country or even an entire city. Most prudent investors will spend hours researching the properties for rent in a given area before deciding to purchase or walk away from an investment property. With Rentometer Express, real estate investors can save hours of research time and let you know how many units are on the market in a given area, what features they offer and how much they are charging for rent. All this information is critical when considering an investment property. You might be certain that you are going to buy under market value, but even if you buy well, trying to rent in a market that is flooded with underpriced rentals is going to turn that great deal into a money pit very quickly. The Rentometer Express app can save you time on market research and help you avoid a great deal of stress when trying to rent your investment property.

Taking the stress out of finding a new home or finding a new tenant is priceless and so is the Rentometer Express app.

Download For:

iOs / Apple App Store

Android / Google Play Store (*COMING SOON)

Need Further Rental Analysis? Upgrade to Rentometer Pro

There is really no reason for anyone not to download the Rentometer Express app. The amount of information and the speed at which you get it is amazing for a free app. But what if you are a real estate professional and you want to learn even more details about the current market and the rates? The solution that Rentometer is offering is the Pro upgrade. With Rentometer Pro, subscribers get full access to:

  • Google street view
  • Google search results
  • Custom report branding
  • Rent analysis report
  • Map presentation
  • Filtering by property age
  • Filtering by distance or radius
  • Filtering by building type
  • Rental listing prices
  • Property size
  • Price per square foot
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Last listing date
  • Zip code search
  • Neighborhood search
  • A variety of custom reports  

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