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September 5, 2017

If you are looking at filling a vacant unit during the fall season, you want to focus on features of your property that will make it the perfect fit for fall. While the rental market is hottest during the summer, the right amenities can help your property stand out during the slower fall months. Check out these top amenities your tenants will be looking for in the fall.

Energy Efficient Home

In most locations, fall means cooler temperatures and the realization that winter is on the way. When renters view the properties available, fall time will be inspiring cozy thoughts and heating bills will come to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Energy efficient homes equal greater savings to tenants. They will be looking for homes with proper insulation, efficient windows, and efficient heating systems. If you have a home with great efficiency features, be sure to highlight them in your property listing. If your rental property is lacking in this department, consider upgrading to better windows or finding other ways to improve the insulation of the property. Small improvements like updated weather stripping or new blinds can help lower heating costs in the cold months. Be sure to point out these features when showing the home.

Easy Yard Maintenance

In most locations, the upcoming season brings beautiful autumn colors and the falling of leaves. While fall is a beautiful time of year, tenants can be overwhelmed by yard work during fall months. Consider bundling yard services into the cost of rent. Offering a rental property with yard maintenance included will not only be attractive to renters but can also keep the property in better condition. If you don’t include yard work with the rental rate, consider providing a few helpful tools for the yard. Small items like rakes, bags for leaves, and an extra trash bin can help your tenants keep up with the yardwork. Providing these items is also a friendly reminder that your tenants are responsible for the upkeep of the property.

Outdoor Space

When the heat of the summer begins to fade away, most people will gravitate to spending more time outside. If your property has a space that can serve as a patio or small gathering space, be sure to highlight this feature. You can even build the imagery of relaxing fall weekends spent in the outdoor living space in your property ad. Consider purchasing some used patio furniture to help improve the space. Clean up the outdoor area before showing the property so potential renters can envision enjoying a nice fall afternoon outdoors.

Cable TV Included

If you offer any bundled utilities in your rental price, be sure to highlight this. As fall nears, many renters will be gearing up to follow their favorite sporting teams or to catch the newest seasons of their favorite shows. If you offer a cable package with your rental property, highlight this amenity both in your property listing and during a showing. With many young renters gravitating towards internet-based television services, providing free internet bundled into your rental price is a great way to stand out. By focusing on features that attract renters in the fall, you can improve your odds of filling a vacancy even in a slower rental season.

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