Rentometer Pro Features

A resource to find all the great features of Rentometer Pro!

Historical Rent Trends

Our standard Pro Report will now include a “Historical Trend Line” that will provide 3+ years of historical rents in an easy to read chart.  

Google Search Results Integration

In addition to the best rental comp data, now you can access Google search results for specific rentals directly from the Rentometer results page

Rentometer Batch Analysis

We sat down with Rentometer President Mike Lapsley to hear about their new Batch Analysis feature.

Custom Branded Rent Comp Reports

In the competitive business of rental housing, it’s important to take advantage of every marketing tool that you can!

Google Street View

Now our PRO subscribers can actually SEE the rentals in their rent comp reports!

My Reports

Rentometer Pro now saves the rent reports that you run to a My Reports section so you can access them at any time. All reports save to a pdf file, for easy printing, downloading and sharing with...

Property Report

We’ve added a significant expansion to our standard rent report.  PRO users can now access Property Reports for our rent comp listings.