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December 12, 2018

*Pro Subscribers: How to Purchase Additional Batch Analysis Credits

We sat down with Rentometer President Mike Lapsley to hear about their new Batch Analysis feature.  It’s the new Rentometer PRO tool that lets you process numerous rent comps at once time!  We boiled our conversation down to this helpful FAQ.

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Q: What is this “Batch Analysis” tool?

A: It’s a really easy way to access rent statistics on up to 100 properties all at once, the results are downloadable in a CSV file, and the batches can be saved and reused in the future

Q: Interesting.  Why did Rentometer build this feature?

A: It can be tedious running one report at a time using our standard Pro interface.  So we built it to save our users time when they have a lot of numbers to crunch.  

Q: Can you provide some examples of when a user would need the Batch Analysis tool?

A: The Batch Analysis is useful for someone that needs rent statistics on a lot of properties. 

For example, a user evaluating investment opportunities that need to compare the average neighborhood rent for a lot of different properties. Or, someone that needs a market-rate rent calculator to evaluate their current portfolio on a regular basis - may be to update the quarterly or annual budget.

Q: So how does the Batch Analysis feature work?

A: It’s actually really straightforward.  You click the Batch Analysis link at the top of the home page – you can’t miss the link – it’s centered at the top of the Rentometer homepage.  After you click the link, you’ll land on the Batch Analysis page. 

You create a batch by typing in a batch name, loading up to 100 addresses on the input form, and pressing the “create” button

Q: After I press the “create” button – what happens?

A: Within a minute or two after hitting the create button, a CSV file with the results will be ready to download. The results will include rent statistics on each address  - for five-bedroom types – including 1-4 bedrooms plus studios.  So if you load 100 addresses, it’s the equivalent of running 500 reports using the standard interface.

Q: Do I have to manually input the addresses into the form?

A: No – you can cut and paste addresses from an excel spreadsheet, word doc, or CSV file.

Q: After I run a batch, can I access it at a later date?

A: Yes - each batch created is saved and it’s also reusable.  You can re-run a batch anytime in the future without having to re-enter all the property addresses.  You can also edit batches so you can add new addresses or delete addresses that you no longer want.

Q: I noticed that there is a limit on how many Batches a user can request.  Is there a way to pay for more credits?

A: Yes, if you need more, we’ve set up a program for you to purchase additional Batch Analysis credits.  The Batch Analysis credits can be purchased on-demand when you need them, and you have up to one year to use the credits. Learn more and order credits here.

Q: What if I don't have the address but I have the latitude/longitude? Will this be able to give me the address and rental data?

A: Yes, loading a "Latitude, Longitude" in the Batch Processor will return the correct results. The format just needs to be "Latitude" {comma} "Longitude."

Rentometer Batch Analysis Demo - Single Field

The Rentometer Batch Analysis is a tool designed for Pros who want to quickly access rental data for a large number of addresses. 

In this quick demo, we'll sample a single field cut and paste from an excel document containing multiple addresses for the analysis.



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