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The current pandemic is having an impact on rent prices in major cities around the U.S. To quantify the impact, we’re focusing attention on some of the major cities and neighborhoods in the U.S. We will be presenting our findings in a series of “QuickView” reports. The subject of today's QuickView is a snapshot of average rent rents in Seattle, WA.

The subject of this week’s QuickView is a snapshot of average rent rents in San Francisco, CA. Based on our analysis, the San Francisco rental market is currently experiencing steep declines in rental prices.

Real estate investing has always been about being in the right position to make the most of the shifts in supply and demand. Every investor has a different set of factors to identify an ideal investment, but location always plays a significant role. Here’s how to identify a growing market or neighborhood for your real estate investment.

Do you want to increase your property management company’s exposure and generate more leads? As a property management company, you can use YouTube to increase your exposure to landlords and tenants. Let’s take a look at 6 of the best YouTube video ideas for your property management company.

The Rentometer Quickview is perfect to give you an overview of a particular neighborhood or the start of a neighborhood comparison. Check out these 2BR/1.5+baths units in the most popular neighborhoods in LA.