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Real estate is, however, largely resilient; if you purchased a property to cash flow, you could very well weather a few bad economic quarters and withstand lower earnings, at least for a while. Here are 4 factors to help you determine if fall is a good time to purchase a rental property.

2020 has been a challenging year for many industries – to put it mildly. Property management is an essential industry that had to make sweeping changes and adjustments at the pandemic's onset. Common challenges look a little different at we go into Q4.

Rentometer provides a variety of statistics that can help you evaluate your rental market and, in turn, help you set the rent for your rental unit. By understanding the rental rates and percentiles, you can also quickly evaluate a possible rental purchase or how much you can and should spend on renovating your property and still cash flow.

This is one of the many great debates among real estate investors, "Should I buy or build a new rental property," or "Should I buy an older property and potentially renovate?" Let's dig into the pros and cons of each property type and whether the property age matters for real estate investing? Find out if the age of a property matters for real estate investing.

Generating leads is the key to growing a property management company. Reach the right property owners with these 10 strategies for generating property management leads.