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Known for its serene environment and being one of the leading technology hubs in the United States, the City of Raleigh hosts a cluster of renowned research centers and universities.

Every investment is a risk; there's never a guarantee of profit. However, some investments are riskier than others -- and for better or worse, real estate investment is one of the more difficult ones to predict.

November 15, 2019
Resource Centers: Rental Listings
Renting out your home rather than selling it is becoming more and more popular. Many people are finding that there are numerous benefits to renting out their homes. Here’s why.

Hard money loans are great for when financing is needed quickly, or when other lenders won’t approve the loan due to a variety of factors such as past financial history or bad credit.

Real estate is a fascinating asset class for investment. It’s the only asset class that you can get so locationally specific that you can invest not only by city, but by neighborhood or even by street within a neighborhood. 

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