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Did you know that over 25% of Americans rent their homes? Did you know that you can become a landlord, even if you don't entirely know what you are doing? If you want to get involved in real estate, which is something most investors want to do at some point, you can do so by turning your current home into a rental or by renting out your house and buying another.

Real estate is an excellent investment. It requires strategic decision-making when it comes to buying, renting and selling properties.

In the real estate market, one of the best ways to rake in huge profits is by flipping houses. However, just like any investment schemes, it entails a lot of risks and work. For this reason, it is essential to approach this with as much knowledge and caution as possible.

December 3, 2019
Resource Centers: Using Rentometer
In this quick demo, we show you the ins and outs of running a rent comps for a specific address. Great for new and long-time users as it gets into some of the report details and best practices.

Knowing the ups and downs of the process enables you to make the best investment for maximum gains. Keep reading to learn more about each perspective.

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