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As many areas of the country pause or slow down re-opening efforts due to the pandemic, a growing number of businesses have decided to close up their conventional offices and operate with most employees working remotely or in a modified office situation that supports social distancing.

Investing in unknown markets on your own carries more risk than investing in your immediate backyard.

As the global pandemic continues, residential real estate will shift as more renters will trade urban, crowded cities for suburban, spacious areas. These areas offer a lower cost of living for more space. Affordable housing will be top of mind, as will the ability to find work or work remotely.

Your tenants are usually used to enjoying the common spaces and amenities your facilities have to offer. However, with the impact of COVID-19, you've had to close most of those spaces to maintain proper safety precautions. Here are five safety tips for reopening amenities.

Finding ideal tenants is one of the essential parts of a landlord or property manager's job. A bad tenant can be a drain on all resources – your time, money, patience, and even the goodwill and longevity of other tenants if you're renting a multi-unit property. An ideal tenant can be a breeze to work with, and the cash flow will keep coming in as long as they are happy.