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A real estate investor’s investment strategy depends on their knowledge, interest, and time spent analyzing the real estate market. But sometimes, an investor cannot spend quality time to earn knowledge about the real estate market and analyze it. This is the time when they need the help of an expert. When should you adopt the DIY method or Expert’s help for being a real estate investor?

There are a lot of things to think about when preparing to buy your investment property. Several financial factors related to real estate investment should not be ignored. Here are the financial preparations you should take before investing in real estate.

As you get started in real estate investing, you’ll hear a lot about the importance of reinvesting cash flow back into your business. This can mean different things to different investors. If you intend to retire with enough income to maintain a specific lifestyle, you may want to consider reinvesting cash flow back into real estate.

The current pandemic is having an impact on rent prices in major cities around the U.S. To quantify the impact, we’re focusing attention on some of the major cities and neighborhoods in the U.S. We will be presenting our findings in a series of “QuickView” reports. The subject of today's QuickView is a snapshot of average rent rents in Seattle, WA.

The subject of this week’s QuickView is a snapshot of average rent rents in San Francisco, CA. Based on our analysis, the San Francisco rental market is currently experiencing steep declines in rental prices.