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July 20, 2021



Our Min/Max Filters for Rental Price and Square Footage can help improve your analyses’ precision and accuracy by allowing you to set minimum, maximum, or range value filters in your searches, narrowing down comp results to the units MOST similar to your search criteria.

Tips, Tricks, and Popular Use cases for using our new filters

1. Fixing neighborhood overlap issues

Sometimes your results will show two distinct neighborhoods included in the same analysis, one of which you don’t want. Using price filters can help eliminate comps from one of the neighborhoods.

2. Minimize unexpected results

Sometimes different, unwanted housing types with atypical rent prices, per-bed senior/student housing, or vacation rentals, get picked up in analyses' and can provide unexpected numbers. In many cases, setting a minimum or maximum price filter will help eliminate those outlier listings from the results, saving you from any confusion around inaccurate price results.

3. Save a step doing analysis calculations and ensure results contain Square footage data

Some listing results don’t have square footage data available. Adding a value to the new Min/Max Sq ft filter for your search will now ensure that Rentometer only returns results that contain sq ft data, which saves you a step from having to remove those outliers when calculating values like aggregate rent/sq ft in the excel version of your report.


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