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November 18, 2022

What is a Rentometer Property Report?

The Rentometer Property Report is a compilation of publicly available data presented in an easy to read format. Each rent comp listed in the Rentometer PRO Report includes a full Property Report. The Property Report is packed with detailed information for each property including:

  • Google Street View snapshot image
  • Historical rent price data
  • Listing information, including the listed rent price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and property type
  • Year Built
  • Property tax information including year assessed, assessed value, tax year, tax rate area and tax billed.
  • Sale information including last sale date and last sale amount
  • Property dimensions including building area, lot area, lot dimension
  • Deed information including mortgage amount, mortgage date, and lender name.
  • Other information available including building codes for roof material, HVAC cooling, HVAC heating, and HVAC fuel.

How is a Property Report useful?

The Property Report allows you to utilize as many details as needed for your rental analysis. For example, knowing the year built can help assess the overall condition, amenities, and potential maintenance costs of a property.

How else can Rentometer help?

This report is one of the many helpful data reports that Rentometer provides its users. Each Rentometer plan includes access to key rent metrics in our QuickView reports, as well as more detailed information on your rental property or market in our full PRO Report.

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