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February 14, 2019

Need more Batch Analysis credits? Batch Analysis Credits - Order Form 

Rentometer Pro subscribers get 10 batch analysis credits each month included with their Pro subscription.  Maybe you need more than 10 batches per month.  Or, you have a special project and need a lot of batches in a short period of time. 

Whatever the reasons, if you need more, we’ve set up a program for you to purchase additional Batch Analysis credits.  The Batch Analysis credits can be purchased on-demand when you need them, and you have up to one year to use the credits.

Each "credit" is the equivalent of one batch analysis with up to 100 addresses in each Batch.

The pricing is: 

A. $129 for 40 Credits

B. $199 for 100 Credits

C. $299 for 200 Credits

The above charges are one-time charges and the Batch Analysis credits can be used at any time for one year after the date of purchase. 

You can place an order for additional Batch Analysis credits here:

Batch Analysis Credits - Order Form

Please contact us if you need additional information or have questions.

Thank you 

The Rentometer Team.