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November 23, 2022

What is the Map & Sample Listings on the Pro Report?

The Rent Comparables Summary section includes important details on the rent comparables used in your rental property analysis. The map and list of rent comps are designed with visual cues to help you digest the information as quickly as possible. They are also loaded with handy tools and links so you can perform additional research and analysis as needed.

What details are included in the map?

The map contains important information regarding the rent comps in an easy-to-read format. The Blue Shaded circle is the radius and area covered in the analysis and the Orange House icon represents the address being searched.

The list of rent comp samples is represented by pin drops on the map and each are assigned a letter and a color. The letter assignment is based upon the distance from the subject property, with the letter “A” being assigned to the property closest to the address being searched.

Each pin on the map is also color coded:

  • The green pins are the lower rents or the bottom 25% of the rents.
  • The blue pins are the middle or moderate rents. These rents represent the 25th and 75th percentiles.
  • The red pins represent the higher rents or the top 25% of the rents.

The pin drops are interactive so you can click on them to get more information, the address, the rent, the date we last saw the listing, and link to street view.

What’s included in the sample list of rent comps?

The list of rent comps displayed is only a sample of the comps included in your analysis. You can access all of the rent comps used in your analysis by pressing the Download Comps button.

The list of rent comps are sorted by default, with the properties that are closest to the subject property at the top. Other information included in the list of rent comps are the size of the comparable property, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, building type, and the last seen listing rent price for the comparable.

You can also click the rent comp for a full Property Report which will help you analyze rent comps more in-depth to conduct a more detailed analysis.

You can activate a Google Search by clicking on the G Icon or you can activate a Street View for a particular address by clicking on the orange icon shaped like a person.


Why use this tool in your rent analysis?

This feature is great for sorting through the highest, moderate, and lowest rents in your area. It’s important to have a detailed report of market rents in your area so you can make real estate decisions with confidence.


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