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August 30, 2017

Managing a real estate business reputation on social media is not an easy task, regardless of market size and time. There are numerous challenges and situations to tackle: bureaucracy, taxes, employees, processes, finance, training, customer acquisition and so on. Whether you are opening a real estate business or just reviewing the processes of your real estate business, it is important to consider whether some strategic steps are being considered to manage the reputation on social media or not.

By choosing to work on the digital medium, it will be possible for a real estate professional to measure the results of your property reputation and also understand the behavior of visitors and offers. Let's see some points which, when adopting tools and digital resources, will provide time and performance gains, significantly improving the reputation of your real estate business.

Create tracking metrics

Driving your real estate without tracking metrics means you are driving blindly, not knowing where you are going. If your business is focused on ready-made or used real estate, you can measure how many people ask for information through ads on social media networks. Apart from this, anything can be measured: how many brokers are acting, how many returns and indications are there, how many spontaneous visitsare there. Anything that generates number can be measured in a real estate, which can be presented to increase the credibility and reputation of your real estate property. Of course, if it can be measured, it can be improved too!

Keep a close eye on each of your brokers

Managing a real estate social media team can be a pretty challenging job. With brokers scaled in different times and locations, you may find it difficult to know how they are doing their job. With data and information collected daily through digital tools, you will be able to know each broker in detail and thus have reasons to hold meetings with the team as well as individuals if you deem it necessary.

Thus, it will be easy to understand how many visits and how many sales your brokers have performed in a given period. This data can in turn help you to make necessary decisions for improving customer service and your business reputation.   

Monitor your company's digital reputation

Nowadays, where the advent of social networks has democratized all opinions, it is vitally important for real estate business to monitor and cherish its company's online reputation. For this, there are many digital monitoring tools that let you know very quickly what and who they are talking about your company and act quickly in the focus of the problem.

Analyze the behavior of the visitor of your real estate website

It seems pretty obvious that measuring and analyzing the results of your digital marketing actions is a fundamental part of your online strategy. Even so, there are still real estate agents or even freelance brokers who believe that the disclosure process ends after a website gets ready, an email marketing campaign is triggered or the advertisement is published.

But on the contrary, you will only reap the rewards of your effort when you can interpret the behavior of your customers by browsing your social media andwebsite. It is possible to understand the number of visits daily, weekly and even real-time visitors, the average number of pages visited, which is the most viewed property, the city where the greatest number of hits comes from and more.

You can use all this data to improve your processes and response rates on social media platforms along with targeted postings and content publishing. This will enhance your reputation in terms of managing the business effectively and efficiently online.

Check your return on investment

It is true that above actions are important, but with small data and possibilities of measurement in an effective way, it is impossible to become the best prospecting real estate business. By targeting your investment to digital media, you will be able to understand and measure the outcome of each of your ads, understand the return on the value invested, and thus conduct more targeted campaigns as well. There are many options which can be used such as sponsored links, real estate portals, banners, videos and other digital channels, along with your own website.

Investing in digital media using these options increases the credibility of your business throughout your digital platforms because this gives the sense of: commitment to serve, ethical business practices and quality of work and service.

To conclude it can be said that one of the benefits of digital marketing for business and real estate brokers is the ability to measure and evaluate the results of your work. From the number of visits on the stand, to knowing how many professionals are working on a given day to refine and understand where each real destined to the actions created to generate sales was.

Author Bio:

Sarah Feldman is an experienced digital marketing professional who is currently working with Digital Express, a Social Media Agency in Dubai. She loves to learn and share about latest digital marketing updates and trends.

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