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The summer/fall leasing season is coming up fast and you if you’re looking to fill your rentals with new potential renters, you need a marketing strategy. One method that is free, easy and a great way to stay social in your area is to create an Instagram account for your property management company!

The image-based social media network is rapidly growing with over 300 million users actively using the app to share and post pictures in a simple and clean way! As a landlord or property manager, the question when beginning to be social is where do you begin? Follow these 4 steps to start your Instagram marketing strategy and grow a brand new social audience!

Creating an Account:

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, it’s easy to setup an Instagram account. Simply download the app, sign up by using your email address and create a password.The account will ask you first if you would like to fill out profile information such as description and contact information. These are great ways for your potential users to easily contact you from the app.

Have any other questions regarding setting up your account? Visit the Instagram Help Center for more information.

Finding Followers:

Now that you’ve created an account, the next step (before sharing images) is to grow your followers! You’ll want to make sure that all your current residents know you’re being social and that they can find news and updates regarding your property on Instagram.Consider following your tenant’s accounts too!

Sharing Images:

You’ve created your account and started growing followers, now its time to start sharing and posting! When advertising your rentals, you want to be as detailed as possible. Use images where potential renters are going to be most interested in.If you have an attractive amenity such as a swimming pool or dog park near your residence, you’ll want to share this! By just taking a picture using your smart phone you’re on your way to your first shared photo!

Instagram gives you great options to optimize your images by selecting different filters to be more creative! There are even brand new features that let you create slideshows to feature more than one picture in one post. Our friends over at Go To My Apartments share a very informative strategy to posting on Instagram. Click here to learn more.

Writing a Caption: They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Although you may have the perfect image filtered and ready to go, you’ll want to include wording in your post to really tell the story of your available rental. Similar to a rental ad in a magazine or newspaper, include all the details about your rental including square feet, number of beds and bathrooms, amenities and location. 

Tip: You can even include a hyperlink to more information on your profile page about the rental as well! Learn more.

Use Instagram if you’re looking for a brand new marketing strategy for your property management and want to be more social with your tenants! Now, go get social!

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