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September 5, 2018
Tagged in: Market Data

Seattle is definitely its own section of the world; boasting beautiful mountains to climb, Starbucks at every corner, amazing summers, and ridiculous amounts of rain. This west coast seaport city is one of the fastest growing in all of the United States.

We used our Rentometer Pro Neighborhood Analysis tool to evaluate the average rents for the most popular neighborhoods in the Seattle, Washington area. The summary results are presented in the table below.

We analyzed 1-3 bedroom types and set a max listing age of 6 months. The analysis was completed on September 5th, 2018.

Click on each neighborhood to see the full report.

Neighborhood 1 BR 2 BR 3 BR
Ballard $1,976 $2,500 $3,121
Belltown $2,161 $3,004 $3,705
Capitol Hill $1,998 $2,728 $3,641
Downtown $2,497 $4,057 $4,532
Fremont $1,699 $2,433 $3,100
Uptown $1,959 $2,807 $4,220
University District $1,511 $2,003 $2,490


When searching for your next rental, be sure to do a thorough rent comp in Seattle with a tool like Rentometer to ensure the rent you are considering paying is fair.

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