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September 10, 2018

One of the most important aspects of being a real estate agent is chasing down referrals to strike the deals that matter. Whilst in the old days your local realtor spent big on advertising and dropping their business card to anyone who would take it; the call-back success was often low, or non-existent.

Word of mouth through networking has proven to be the number one leads-to-deals breakthrough for modern realtors, boosted by these few simple steps. Consider the followings as essential real estate tips that will help you to be a top real estate agent.

Find Networking Events in Your Area

There is a huge number of networking events for real estate agents across the country, so check online for local and national conventions, as well as community events nearby that you can play a part in. Online networking platforms for realtors are a great way to stay in touch with colleagues, but also pose an excellent place to build up a solid real estate career with your network of professionals from all sectors of the property industry.

Show Expertise in Verbal Communication

When talking to clients, fellow agents and agencies don’t just talk to people about the business, really connect with them to ensure that they don’t just see you as the face of your company. While you should always remain professional during your networking pursuits, talk about your family and how it was for you finding your own house and the lessons you have learned over the years in the industry.

Utilise Online Networking Platforms to Engage

Locate and decide how to use social networking locations and websites that put you in touch with builders, lawyers, councilors, surveyors and other important industry bodies to spread your network of contacts as wide as possible. Whilst other realtors may give you direct referrals to clients, you will be creating your own when many of these industry professionals will have someone ask them for a reliable real estate agent – and your name will be top of the pile!

Develop Effective Engagement Strategies

While networking you want to have a good time, but also pick up information on how people feel about the current market for both buyers and sellers. Ask all of the pertinent questions, but don’t just be the student – engage with colleagues and offer your points of view on the business, and allow those networking to find out what referrals you are looking for and how you can help their situations.

Use the Art of Good Impression

Make impressions and take names – that’s one way to ensure that you are not just stuck waiting for the telephone to ring, but that you can follow up possible leads at a later date, away from the hotel lobbies and conference rooms of the networking scene. Make a point to visit people in person to show them you are a serious professional, and you will see your referrals rise as your networking base expands.

Getting your name out there as a friendly face is often all it takes to start up a conversation that may lead to new referrals. Take part in as many networking events for the industry in your local area, as well as statewide to give you access to a massive number of potential referrals. While you are starting new as a real estate agent, wear a name badge, smile and introduce yourself and your agency to stay first in mind when someone spots a great property in your area.

Author Bio: Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer, and an independent blogger. I'm a polymath who is enthusiastic about anything related to tech, trend, travel, and minimalistic lifestyle. I mostly write about sustainable and alternative living solutions. You can follow me @EmmaSneddon90

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