June 7, 2021

rents in kansas city

The pandemic had an impact on rent prices in major cities and neighborhoods across the U.S. To quantify the impact, we’re focusing attention on some of the major cities and neighborhoods in the U.S. We will be presenting our findings in a series of year-over-year neighborhood snapshots.

The subject of today’s snapshot is Kansas City, MO. Based on our analysis, Kansas City’s year-over-year average rents have increased for 1BR and 2BR but slightly decreased for 3BR.

Our standard City analysis uses a 12-month “LookBack” to establish an average baseline rent. The 12-month LookBack analyzes the rent data from the last 12-months, and for this analysis, the rent data included would be from May 1, 2020 – May 1, 2021.

The results from the 12-month LookBack analysis are presented in the table below:


As the table shows,1BR increased by 3%, while 2BR increased by 4% in rent from last year. However, 3BR slightly decreased by 1%. As demonstrated by the table shows, year-over-year performance was mainly positive for the rental units in Kansas City, MO.

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